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As the mommy to 3 kittens, one of my biggest struggles has been keeping the litter box and surrounding area clean.  We had been using a regular plastic rectangular litter box but it wasn’t helping to keep the litter odor contained.  Then one evening I was getting ready to go to a fancy party and as I grabbed a bag from my closet I found out it was covered in cat pee.  There are few things that smell worse than cat pee!
I am still not sure which one of my little 4 legged criminals it was.
Here they are in order- Bella, Gizmo, and Chloe
Who do you think looks guiltiest?

Finding cat pee in my closet is what really pushed me to find something better and that is when I found the Litter Robot.  The Litter Robot is great because not only does it contain the odors but it scoops itself.  I haven’t had to scoop a little box in a few months now.   It uses regular, clumping litter so I don’t have to spend money on special litter- a big plus.  Fill it up with litter and let your cats do their business.  7 minutes after you cat uses the Litter Robot, the whole globe will rotate.  There is a screen inside that sifts out the clumps of litter and solid waste.  As the globe rotates around the bottom eventually opens up and drops the litter clumps and solid waste.  Then the globe rotates the other direction and the clean little sifts back into the bottom of the globe ready to be used.
When we first started with the Litter Robot I was afraid my cats would be scared of it, especially Chloe (because she is afraid of her own shadow).  I left their old litter box next to the Litter Robot for a few days but did not scoop it hoping they would prefer the clean Litter Robot instead.
The transition was fairly easy.  All 3 liked the Litter Robot right away.  In fact they liked the Litter Robot almost too much.  They were so curious about it that I wasn’t able to leave it on all day.  With normal operation you can leave the Litter Robot on all the time and it will 7 minutes after the cat uses it.  My cats are so curious that mid-cycle they keep stepping on the step in front which is the sensor.  Each time one of my kitties stepped on the step, it would stop the cleaning cycle to protect my kitties like it was supposed to.  They were interfering so much with the cycle that we made the choice to leave it turned off during the day.  Now we turn our Litter Robot on 3-4 times per day to cycle through and clean out the clumps and solid waste.  It works for us and since we are in control of when it is scooped, we can keep our 3 kitties out of the way.  It’s not that it’s not safe for them when it is cycling.  It is totally safe and won’t spin when a cat is in it.  There are no rakes or anything that could hurt them.  We just chose to work it this way because they were stopping the cycle too much.

With 3 kitties we empty the bottom drawer where the waste is stored twice a week.  If you only have one or two cats you could probably only empty it once a week.   I also like that we don’t have to use special liners for the bottom drawer if we don’t want to.  We just use regular garbage bags in the bottom drawer.
The Litter Robot really helps with odors because the waste and odors are contained in the bottom drawer underneath.  The only time I really smell anything for the few seconds during the cycle when the trapdoor opens to drop the waste into the drawer.  It has really made being a cat owner so much easier.
The Litter Robot is a sturdy, well made product.  If you have cats, this is a must have product.
Watch it in action:

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*Please note that Litter-Robot units supplied at no-charge for the purposes of objective reviews or promotional give-away are non-returnable/non-refundable, however, Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. will honor the 18 month full warranty with proof of date of original receipt or serial number.

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  1. I definitely need one of these for my cat. Apparently, the food I feed him has something in it responsible for his super smelly two-sies. (Something good for him). But I can’t stand it! Haha. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  2. Love how it keep things continuously smelling clean..I’ve heard great things about the little robot!

  3. I like the bottom tray with odor control. The one problem with indoor kitties 😛

  4. Francine S says:

    The feature I’d like best is never having to scoop again

  5. Heather Irwin says:

    I am getting my son a kitten on Saturday from a friend…I have never owned a cat, but am most nervous about the little box. This would be awesome! The fact that it cleans itself, great product!

  6. Having one of these would be so great! Being that I am the mom to two heart transplant patients, the fact that all the waste is contained is SO nice.

  7. destiny swan says:

    i love the fact that it cleans its self period! less work for me yay!! so want one

  8. debra stein says:

    OH MY! I need this for all the reasons that it exists! I have two cats in a small apartment and this would be amazing!

  9. Joanne Gregory says:

    I like the bottom tray.

  10. Tracey Berthiaume says:

    no more scooping

  11. I love that it’s self-cleaning and I won’t have to scoop poo anymore!!!

  12. This would be a tremendous help with my cats!

  13. melissa leyh says:

    Automatic litter box that frees you from the chore of Litter Box Scooping:)

  14. Tracie Trump says:

    bottoon control odor control,

  15. Kristin West says:

    I love that it cleans automatically and keeps it smelling fresh! Thanks for the chance!

  16. I would soooo need this as my kitty Molly loves to sweep her litter outside the box!! We’ve even had to joke that we were going to strap a small dust pan and brush on her little paw and get her to work around the house because she likes to sweep so much! Litter goes everywhere when she sweeps. I think this would really get her to limit her sweeping.

  17. love that it cleans itself!

  18. krista grandstaff says:

    The odor controlling bottom tray sounds like heaven! I could finally have a laundry room that only makes me cry from the amount of laundry in there…not the scary litter box…lol.. Thanks for giving all of us this opportunity!

  19. I like how it has a Patented sifting system that provides clean, level litter and Cleaner Cat Paws.

  20. I LOVE the litter robot. My mom has one and I love the pull out drawer. She has four cats and I am going to get one for my three cats who desperately need one! It is a god sent for cat lovers

  21. Steph Coupons says:

    I love that the litter robot is Cat-activated operation works to dramatically Reduce Litter Box Odor

  22. The Litter-Robot waste drawer was designed to prevent mold growth, thereby controlling or eliminating the typical litter box odor. That is just one of my favorite features!

  23. courtney hennagir says:

    i so want one of these!i love that the sifting system reduces litter on the cats cat likes to tear through the house after using the litter box and that usually involves a romp across my would be nice to stop finding litter in my sheets!

  24. I love it for the simple fact i wouldn’t have to scoop!!And it keeps it from smelling….bigggggg plus!!

  25. I like that there is a pause on the Litter Robot that waits until after kitty is long gone before it turns and sifts the litter. If it happened just after kitty stepped out, our kitties would be scared to death and would refuse to use it — deeming it useless. This is one awesome litter box!

  26. That it can can retain several days’ worth of bagged waste.

    valeriano (dot) leanne (at) yahoo (dot) com

  27. Ashley Schein says:

    i love the fact that it cleans its self

  28. no messy, smelly cat boxes anymore!

  29. Valerie brenner AND JASON SMITH says:

    I love the odor control!

  30. Kellie Lineberry says:

    this looks pretty futuristic really neat idea

  31. Kellie Lineberry says:

    Litter waste clumps drop into large bottom drawer for Easy Bagged Disposal

  32. As a mommy of 4 kitties, and countless fosters, the litter box is by far the worst job in the world. With 4 cats we go through a lot of litter and it has to be scooped multiple times a day. Having something that automatically scoops after the kitties do their business would be a true blessing!!!

  33. chris lineberry says:

    I think its pretty cool and I like how it is all inclosed

  34. Self Cleaning part!

  35. Elisabeth Wellington says:

    i like that i dont have to scoop!

  36. Automatic Self Cleaning Robot Litter Box my cat would love this

  37. cheryl crain says:

    The smelling better part but sounds great

  38. cathy zera-stesney says:

    that it sifts itself!! i hate cleaning the litter box!

  39. Lisa S Dias Welch says:

    I especially like that it’s “cat activated”, I despise the ammonia smell of cat urine.

  40. Automatic Self Cleaning Robot Litter Box is awesome looking

  41. Tammy Greer says:

    The odor of a litter box makes the bottom tray with odor control seem like the best feature to me.

  42. i would love this for my cat

  43. jodi frasier says:

    My favorite feature is just that it self cleans.. I have 3 cats and i am always cleaning that box

  44. Not to startle the cat, I like that “The cat sensor detects the presence of your cat and turns off the motor. The Litter-Robot will wait for 15 seconds before attempting to resume the clean cycle.”

  45. I like that you can use any clumping litter, the safety features that prevent it from operating while your cat is using it and a shut off for the motor if your cat gets in while it is working. ( Made in the USA 🙂 )

  46. Automatic Self Cleaning Robot Litter Box would be really nice if i won it

  47. Karen Henschke says:

    I love the fact I would not have to scoop and sweep around my litter box 2x a day! 4 cats use the bathroom WAY tooo much.

  48. Karen Henschke says:

    Hello, I accidentally clicked that I liked something on twitter but I do not have twitter…I do not know how to remove it.

  49. It self cleans and no more scooping

  50. Ashley Williams says:

    No more scooping! And less stinky is great too!

  51. While never having to scoop again is terrific, never having to argue over who’s turn it is to scoop is even better! I also love the odor control – with 3 cats we can use all the help we can get in that department.

  52. Lindsay Boterberg says:

    I love everything about the Litter Robot! Especially that it cleans itself.

  53. Strider the Cat says:

    I had my first Litter Robot for about 7 years. When it died, I literally cried. A few months of scooping was enough for me to get a second one and swear that I will never, ever go without one again.

  54. Crystal Gibson says:

    Oh wow!! Having asthma, I am sure this would be a great addition to our home! No more dust, no more scooping!!! This would be so awesome, Im going to have to check it out on their site! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

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