Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen Meals Review #HonestlyGood

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Lean Cuisine has a new line of frozen meals called Honestly Good.  I had the opportunity to sample several of their new meals at BlogHer in Chicago a few months ago.  I really enjoyed all the wonderful fresh flavors so I was excited when I was offered the chance to review them.  This new line of frozen meals is 100% all natural, has no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and are minimally processed for a fresh taste.  They are packed with whole grains line brown rice and whole grain pasta.  Normally I don’t find frozen meals filling enough but the Honestly Good meals do fill me up.  I actually enjoy eating all the veggies that come in these meals, such as green beans, wax beans, orange & yellow carrot, and my favorite, edamame.  I never thought I’d say this about a frozen fish meal, but the Lemongrass Salmon is delicious.  It comes out moist, flaky, and not fishy at all.  I also really like the Pomegranate Chicken.   It wasn’t rubbery like frozen meals sometimes are.

Each meal comes with a flavorful sauce pouch that you thaw and pour over the entree during the last few minutes of cooking.  This is a great feature because you can control how much sauce you want on your meal.  Another difference with Honestly Good meals is that they are only minimally cooked prior to freezing so the consumer is actually doing the final cooking of their meal.  It is important to follow the cooking directions on each package as some of the items such as the fish entrees are frozen raw and you need completely cooked it the proper length of time.

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Pomegranate Chicken– Whole grilled chicken breast filet, whole grain pilaf with currants, green beans, yellow beans, ribbon cut carrots, and a pomegranate glaze in a separate pouch.
Lemongrass Salmon– Whole coconut-crusted wild caught salmon filet, brown rice with wheatberries, snap peas, orange & yellow carrots, edamame, and ginger lemongrass sauce in a separate pouch.
Pineapple Black Pepper Beef– Whole tender beef cuts, brown & wild rice with pineapple and slivered almonds, green & wax beans, orange & yellow carrots, and a pineapple black pepper sauce in a separate pouch.
Roasted Red Pepper Chicken– Whole grilled chicken breast filet, whole grain cavatappi pasta, sea salt and lemon-seasoned broccoli florets, and a roasted red pepper sauce in a separate pouch.
Plum-Ginger Grain-Crusted Fish– Grain-crusted wild caught whole fish filet, brown rice with edamame, snap peas, wax beans, carrots, and a plum ginger sauce in a separate pouch.
Honey Citrus Chicken– Whole grilled chicken breast filet, whole grain radiatore pasta with spinach, slivered almonds and sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli florets, yellow zucchini, and a honey citrus glaze in a separate pouch.

The new LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ varieties feature new packaging with a 100% recyclable outer sleeve and a translucent tray, which allows consumers to see the meal they’re about to enjoy. LEAN CUISINE® believes strongly in the importance of serving the best tasting, highest quality ingredients, so we’ve partnered with select farmers to grow the ingredients in LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ entrées. Together with some of these farmers, we’re donating a portion of the vegetables grown for LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ to local communities through our Honestly Good Giving™ program. In our first year, we will give one million servings of vegetables, so they can be enjoyed by those in need.

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#HonestlyGood by Lean Cuisine at BlogHer 2013When I was at BlogHer in July I had the opportunity to meet and learn all about Lean Cuisine including their new Honestly Good varieties from members of their culinary roundtable of accomplished chefs.   The culinary roundtable is a meeting of the minds that happens several times a year and is a playful, informed forum in which inventive meals are inspired by quality ingredients, cuisines from all over the world and top restaurants.

The Culinary Roundtable Chefs come with their ideas of the latest flavor and ingredient trends to inform new LEAN CUISINE dishes. LEAN CUISINE draws upon the specialties of each of the Roundtable Chefs, with a team of LEAN CUISINE Chefs taking the inspiration and spirit from each session and incorporating them into our dishes. Our 13 Chef’s Pick™ dishes (part of the LEAN CUISINE Culinary Collection) are a manifestation of chef-inspired cuisine. The Culinary Roundtable Chefs did not individually select the dishes, but inspired the flavor profiles and ingredients found in them. Together we embraced more daring flavor combinations, inspiring inventive recipes with the exciting flavors found in this collection. Examples of what they bring: Spiceologist Lior Lev Sercarz brings depth of flavor through beautiful spice blends. Combining spices like fennel and cumin to inspire dishes like our Chicken Makhani. Chef Brad Farmerie fuses flavors from all over the world, boldly using lime, coconut and ginger — flavors found in dishes like our Thai Chicken.

I was so excited to meet one of my favorite chefs, Michelle Bernstein, who is a South Florida local.  She was just as adorable as I thought she’d be.  She owns 2 restaurants in Miami and I hope to dine at them soon.

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