Lack Of Focus? How To Know If Your Child Has ADHD

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Most parents know that frustrating feeling when your kids won’t even acknowledge that you’re speaking to them. It usually occurs when you’re asking them to do something like tidy up their toys! We’ve all seen that glazed look in their eyes, and the complete inability to move their mouths in response. Some parents may be concerned about this lack of attention. But it doesn’t mean that your child has ADHD.

All children go through phases of being completely absorbed in what they’re doing. It can happen when they’re watching TV, reading a book, or even eating their dinner. It’s like you’ve become white noise, and they’ve just tuned you out. The age of 3 might be the first time you notice it, although it’s pretty common with teenagers!

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ADHD is something altogether different. It is often picked up as a problem by teachers in the school. The attention deficit part of it presents in a different way to that described above. A child who may have ADHD is more likely to be restless and fidgety. They want to be moving on to the next thing before finishing what they’re doing.

It may appear that your child is irritable and impatient. They might be overactive. It could even seem that your child is aggressive and impulsive. It is the hyperactivity that will be first noticed in lots of cases. A doctor will be able to make a diagnosis. In some cases, it is recommended that medication be taken. This could be a long-term requirement, even into adulthood.

The cost of medication can be reduced with things like the Adderall coupon to discount the price. If you are prescribed medication, you should continue to take it. Always discuss the possibility of other options with your doctor. Children with ADHD are thought to have a chemical imbalance in their brains. The medication does not cure ADHD. But it should increase the uptake of neurotransmitters to help with focus and concentration.

Some children with ADHD struggle at school with their class work. But at home, problems can be more severe, leading to a dysfunctional family life. It can be hard for the parents to cope with. A simple lack of focus and attention is rarely the cause for a diagnosis of ADHD. But if you notice the other symptoms like hyperactivity and bursts of impulsiveness, you might want to chat with your doctor.

It’s never easy being a parent. When kids are lost in their own little worlds, it can feel like we’re isolated and alone in the house. It can feel very disrespectful, and it can feel unfair. While it is easy to lose your temper it won’t help. Most kids are just being kids. It comes with the territory. But for a child with ADHD, your patience, calm and understanding is essential. They need to know you are there for them when the world just won’t sit still.

For adults with ADHD, life can be very difficult when you’re trying to be independent. You might find you’re losing things all the time, or that you just can’t keep the house tidy. If you have ADHD, it doesn’t mean your child will do as well. Speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.

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