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Disclosure- My family received a small discount in our monthly class tuition to Elite Youth Programs Krav Maga to facilitate my review.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.  I truly believe in this program and it’s benefits and want to share it with my readers.

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My girls and I were introduced to a self defense martial arts program several months ago called Krav Maga and we were instantly hooked.  We had attended a blogger meeting and the Krav Maga Elite Youth Program did a trial class and demonstration for us in their Tamarac, FL location.  I truly believe it was BASHERT, or meant to be for us to be at the blogger meeting to find out about the Elite Youth Program Krav Maga.  It is exactly what I have been looking for for my girls.   The Elite Youth Programs Krav Maga is all about being brave, being powerful, and being able to defend yourself against bullies and other potential attackers.  The children aren’t taught to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a Kung Fu Panda, they are empowered with real life skills to protect themselves and the courage to do so.  It is an amazing program that teaches self discipline, to be powerful, to be a team player, to be balanced, to be a good listener, to be ready in any situation, and many other important life skills that go beyond being able to defend yourself.

Elite Youth Program Krav Maga is for children from 3 and up.  They also offer private workshops to teach women self defense as well.  Want to try Krav Maga classes for yourself?  Sign up to receive 2 free weeks with Elite Youth Program Krav Maga plus get a BONUS FREE copy of their Family Safety Guide when you sign up.

 I will be posting as my girls progress with the program so keep an eye out.  If you are in South Florida and want to arrange a private women’s self defense class with the Elite Youth Program Krav Maga, I highly recommend it.  Get some of your friends together and learn how to protect yourselves.  You’ll thank me for it!
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About Krav Maga:

Your children deserve nothing less than the most effective system of self-defense available today. Krav Maga was created out of a need to survive; it is practical, highly effective, easy to learn, and used by the most elite armed forces and law enforcement units in the world.

More and more parents are turning to this art to keep their kids “stranger-safe” and “bully-proof”. We have a unique program designed exclusively for children of all ages which makes learning this effective art engaging, empowering, and of course lots of fun

Why Krav Maga for Kids?

Parents, at this point you may be asking yourselves “this seems fine for soldiers or police officers, but do I want my child learning this stuff”?

That is a great question. I ask you to consider this:

  • Bullies are nearly always bigger and stronger than their victims.
  • Abductors are adults with greater strength and experience.
  • Children are smaller and have very limited, reach, and endurance.
  • To have life-saving knowledge and not pass it on is unethical.

Krav Maga is not a competitive art. Your child will not be training to strike another child for a medal. The idea is to help your child feel safer, empowered, confident, and in control and full ownership of their body. When your child feels this way, they are actually LESS likely to react violently because they know how to keep a cool head, assess a situation, and react accordingly. Violence stems from fear. We at Elite Youth Programs and Elite Krav Maga help remove that sense of constant fear and the victim mentality. We do this while still making sure kids have fun and enjoy their class.

About Elite Youth Programs

Founded in 2008, Elite Youth Programs, formerly South Florida Youth Sports, is one of the leading youth empowerment organizations in South Florida that develops unstoppable students that feel safe and secure in and out of school and prepared for anything.

Elite is the #1 safety education provider with the best programs that include assemblies, class presentations, in-house field trips, staff training, parent workshops, after school enrichments, summer, winter, spring camps and community based personal safety training.

Utilizing the most practical and effective personal safety training, Elite equips students with the skills and mindset to deal powerfully with challenges ranging from verbal attacks such as name-calling and bullying to the most dangerous physical assaults that could involve a risk to their lives.

Elite programs are one of the best solution to safer schools and safer faculty, students and families.

More than 2,500 children have participated in our summer camps or Krav Maga self-defense programs located at over 35 schools in Broward and Miami-Dade County.  the organization provides the highest-quality summer camp learning programs that help schools and students maintain exceptional academic achievement in a safe environment.

The organization is transforming traditional day camps and aftercare programs to super-effective learning and skill building courses.  Rather than simply functioning as day care stand-ins and babysitting factories, programs help children break through in areas of their lives that matter to them.  Children leave Elite programs with an edge to help them excel in school and in life.  Elite provides students with skills that will impact every area of their lives.  Our contribution to the community is to develop and grow youth programs that reliably deliver results to kids giving them a sense of freedom and choice for their lives, the power to live life fully without constraints.

Elite staff include the best educators to serve as our school partners at organization sites, young adults with aspirations to make a profound and last impact on the lives of children and teenagers with a passion for education

  1. For teachers and educators, skill sets are developed that further their leadership ability in their respective schools and lives

  2. For college students pursuing careers in education, there are mentorship opportunities from experienced master teachers to accelerate their skills and crate advanced placement at school locations.

  3. For teenagers, a world class Leadership Development Program.

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