Killer Ways to Make Matching Your Kid Cute

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Tabloid newspapers and gossip magazines love to point out when celebrity moms have matched their outfit to their daughter’s. And it can be pretty cute if you do it in the right way. Thee important thing is to dress both of you appropriately for your age, which means not matching completely. Wearing the same outfit isn’t a good idea. But if you color coordinate or have matching accents or accessories, it can look super cute. Just as long as you still look like an adult and your daughter still looks like a little girl! There are lots of cute ways you can match your outfit with your little girl’s (or your little boy’s). You can use similar colors and patterns, wear similar styles and more.

Color Coordination

Matching colors is one of the most subtle ways of matching you and your kid. You don’t have to wear exactly the same color, and you can use different shades of the same color instead. For example, maybe you will wear navy blue, and your little one will wear baby blue. If you do choose to wear the same shade, it’s better to stick with smaller amounts of color. Match accent colors, instead of dressing the both of you in hot pink from head to toe.

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Pattern Matching

Pattern matching can look incredibly cute too. Coordinate your stripy top with your child’s striped dress, trousers or t-shirt. Or put together outfits for both of you that feature spots. Floral patterns are pretty for summer. Choose similar patterns in different colours, rather than exact matches. Stripes can be different widths, for example, as well as different colours. Just like with color matching, don’t go overboard.

Matching Items

Another in the list of chic fashion options for matching your kid is combining adult and child rompers or playsuits. They don’t have to match in any other way, except to be a similar items of clothing. A romper or playsuit is a cute option for both mom and child, and they can also be comfortable. Comfortable clothes are great for both moms and kids who are running around and have important play dates to attend. You can match other items too. Maybe both you and your daughter can wear a cute summer dress and sandals. Just spice your outfit up with a few more grown-up accessories.

Accents and Accessories

Instead of going all-out on matching your clothes, choose elements of your outfits that compliment each other. This is a more subtle way of matching your outfits, instead of looking too similar. Using accents and accessories helps you to avoid dressing too much like a child and focus on adult fashion choices. You can pick something in your little one’s outfit to focus on and extrapolate for your own clothes. Maybe they have a cool print on their t-shirt that you can incorporate into your outfit. For example, a rabbit picture for them could turn into a rabbit ring for you. The key is to coordinate but not match completely.


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