Keeping Your Child’s Health in Check

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Our children are the most precious things in our lives, and as parents, we want to do what’s best for them. Keeping them happy and healthy is our number one priority. However there are a number of challenges that parents have to deal with in order to do this. Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your child’s health in check.


Healthy Diet

As adults, we have the ability to eat things we’re not especially keen on because we know it’s good for us. Children haven’t developed this, and will generally point blank refuse to eat what they don’t like- and let’s face it, it’s usually the things their bodies need! Getting nutrition into picky kids can be a struggle, but there’s plenty of tricks you can try to make it easier. If fruit is the issue, try blending it up with some almond milk, yogurt or fruit juice into a sweet tasting smoothie. Something that even fussy children usually enjoy! Use a food processor to very finely chop vegetables and cook them with ground meat, and use as a base for different dishes. Once it’s all cooked together, there are no obvious pieces of veg, but it’s jam-packed with the good stuff. And just keep trying them with different things, keeping calm and relaxed so that issues don’t develop around food.


When kids are naturally full of energy, making sure they get enough exercise isn’t difficult. If you take them out of the house to an area where they can naturally play and run around, they’re sure to burn off all of the energy they need to with no hassle to you. You could take their bikes to the park, or a ball to kick around. They could play on a trampoline in the back garden, or explore a soft play area. Children from age six need around an hour of activity a day with most of the hour being moderate to vigorous activity. But provide them with somewhere they can have fun, and they’re sure to do the rest!

Health Conditions

Health and youth tend to be things we see as interlinked, and while many health problems don’t develop until we’re older, children can be affected too. Just like adults, children can be affected by bone and hip issues, you could see surgery options from for more information. Certain cancers can also crop up, and infections such as meningitis. Getting prompt medical advice when your child is unwell is the key to catching things early. Going on a first aid course for children is also a useful thing for a parent to pursue, you then have some basic knowledge of what to do if anything goes wrong.

Mental Health

The world can be a scary place for a child. Starting school, meeting new people, learning new things and overcoming obstacles. Building up a child’s confidence makes it easier to deal with life’s challenges. Be a positive role model and practice confidence in your own life which children will mirror. Use plenty of positive reinforcement, and set them small challenges which they can overcome which will build their confidence further.


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