Keeping Electronics and Television Time Under Control

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Keeping Electronics  and Television Time  Under Control  with FREE Printable "Electronic Time" TicketsIt’s summertime right now and my girls are enjoying the freedom that summertime brings.  Freedom to stay up late.  Freedom to sleep late.  And freedom to choose what they want to do all day.  Some days they have camp but other days they’re going to “Camp Mommy”.  One problem with all this free time is that my girls get sucked into wanting to sit and play on their Kindles all day and watch tv.  After a few days of nothing but Kindle and television I put my foot down and came up with our new system.  Now they have to EARN their electronics and television time AND they can only earn up to an hour a day (MEAN MOMMY).

Here’s how our system works:
My girls need to earn Electronic Time tickets by either reading or doing pages from their summer workbooks that I bought at Barnes and Noble to keep them doing math, writing, etc. over the summer.  Every 15 minutes they read earns them 15 minutes of electronic time that they can use for television OR electronics like Kindle, Nintendo DS, etc.  When they read for 15 minutes they earn a 15 Minute Electronic Time Ticket.  If they want to do some of their workbook pages to earn electronic time they earn 15 minutes of electronic time for every 2 pages they complete.  They can earn up to FOUR 15 Minute Electronic Time Tickets per day for a total of 1 hour of Electronic Time.  During the school year they will have to read only to earn their electronics time.  Doing homework WILL NOT count towards earning electronics tickets because they are required to do their homework no matter what.

They can either earn the ticket and cash it in right away or they can save up 4 tickets in a day and then cash them all in at once for 1 hour of straight tv/electronics time.  I do not let my girls carry tickets over to the next day though.  Again, MEAN MOMMY, but of course you can come up with whatever system works best in your house.  My girls also get outside time, too, it just isn’t included as part of this system.

Click on the image below to print your own Electronic Time Tickets.  There is a 15 minute version and a 30 minute version.  If you want a different number of minutes on the tickets just let me know and I can easily make it for you.

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