Keep Your Daughter on Track With these Wedding Planning Tips

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Wedding planning can go from fun to an absolute nightmare very quickly, especially for those who are not experienced in event planning, or for those who have an overemphasis on everything needing to be perfect. That is where you, the parents of the bride, need to step in.

By keeping things calm, and by lending a hand in the planning process, you’re providing the bride with one of the best wedding gifts anyone can give, and it can mean all the difference on her wedding day. So, to help your daughter have the perfect wedding, follow these wedding planning tips:

  1. Help Her Devise a Budget and Stick to It

The biggest mistake anyone can make at any point in their life is to live beyond their means. The same applies to weddings. That is why before your daughter gets excited about the wedding and what she wants to have in it, you should go through and make a budget. This could involve making a savings plan, putting yours and your daughter’s savings together, and even considering asking guests for money to go towards the wedding, instead of a wedding gift. Once you have your budget, stick to it! Nothing is worse than starting your new life in debt.

  1. Help Her Choose a Packaged Venue

The venue and the catering are often the largest budget takers, which is why you should choose them first, and try to find packages. These packaged deals are offered around the world, so if you have always dreamed of having a wedding in an English manor, there are wedding venues in Cheltenham such as Manor by the Lake, which fit the bill.

  1. Help Her Be Open to Dress Options

If she has a limited dress budget, but big ideas on what she wants to have, help her be open to her options. You can buy a once-worn wedding dress for a huge discount simply by buying second hand. That way she can have the dress of her dreams without the price that would put it out of her reach. All you will need to do then is take it to be professionally tailored to her – something you would need to do regardless of where you got the dress from.

  1. Brainstorm DIY Decorations and Activities

If your budget is tight, do it yourself. You can create beautiful centrepieces for a fraction of the cost simply by putting them together yourself. Similarly, putting the effort into creating the decorations and activities for your guests to enjoy is a great way to add the perfect personal touch.

  1. Put an Emphasis on Going with the Flow

Above all else, however, you need to help her be open to the problems that will arise with wedding planning. If the flowers don’t arrive on time, or if her musician cancels, let it all be part of the experience, instead of something that ruins it. Have backup options and put an emphasis on how much fun she’ll have with her loved ones, rather than on making the party perfect.

Weddings can be very stressful, and in the effort to have the perfect wedding many young couples can blow their budget. That is why you need to come in and help them stay on track, so they can have the wedding of their dreams.

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