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A Jumbies Story
There were more babies being born than ever before.
The storks had to deliver them from shore to shore
There was so much to do they had little time for rest.
They flew to America, Europe, Antarctica and down under.
They went to Africa and Asia trying not to blunder.
It began to get very confusing on where they had to go.
Some storks turned left when they should have turned right.
Some storks flew all day when they should have flown at night.
Then in began to happen in a flash! One by one they started to CRASH!!
The babies were fine but the storks did not know what to say.
When the storks crashed and tumbled, it appeared all the animal babies were jumbled!
The storks could not believe their eyes. These babies were quite a surprise
So they called them JUMBiES
And  they became a new breed! 
I recently received 2 Jumbies to review.  What a Jumbies you ask?  Jumbies are cool stuffed animals that are about the size of a Beanie Baby but that makes them unique is that they are 2 different animals “jumbled” together.   
I read the story that was included in with the Jumbies to my girls and of course they were immediately asking for one.  
I didn’t tell them that I had actually received any Jumbies.  I just left them sitting out in their room and let them “discover” the delivery the storks left!
We received a Mallit (Mallard Duck + Rabbit) and a Moosecow (Moose + Cow).  My girls were so excited to receive them and of course they are already talking about which ones they want next.
You can find Jumbies at select stores and on the Jumbies Website for $6.99 which is a great, inexpensive price point.
There are also FREE Coloring Pages and FREE Online Games on the Jumbies website that my girls are enjoying.
Want to win 2 of your own Jumbies?  Enter below:

Disclosure: I was not compensated for performing this review. I received a free product to try out and review.  The opinions and statements expressed by me in this post are my own personal and honest opinion of this product.

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  1. Krista Brewer says:

    First off… hysterical names. I like Blabbit and Horsefly.

  2. Kelly Lovell says:

    I like the monkey and the duck…these are so cute!

  3. I like Camelot

  4. valerie mabrey says:

    love moosecow

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  5. Ashley H. says:

    I like Horsefly.

  6. Alyssa Waters says:

    I love Warner the Tyramosaurus for my 2 year old

  7. Moosecow for me – thanks

  8. Angela s. says:

    I live Pigbit


  9. I like horsefly and pigbit
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  10. nice! moosefly and horsefly =)

  11. Horsefly!

  12. Christyn Mckenna says:

    I love the Mooscow!

  13. pigbit!!!!

  14. Nicole Sender says:

    I think Sealion is cute!

  15. Rebecca Peters says:

    I like the sealion

  16. DingBat is adorable!

  17. amy deeter says:

    the horsefly

  18. Michelle Hagewood says:

    I like Horsefly

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

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