Jabra Freeway In Car Speakerphone Review and Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

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Jabra_FREEWAY_SolutionLifestyle_HorizontalI am so excited that I was selected as one of the bloggers to receive a Jabra Freeway In Car Speakerphone to review.  I should be receiving it soon and I will add my review when I do but meanwhile I wanted to tell you a little about it and share Jabra’s Mother’s Day Sweepstakes with you, too!
The Jabra Freeway allows you to make and answer calls with just your voice.  It announces who is calling and also alerts you to your battery status.  It has a build-in motion sensor so it turns on and off as you enter your car.  With the Jabra Freeway you can stream music, podcasts, and GPS directions directly to your Freeway through your car’s audio system with the help of the FM transmitter.  You can even use it with 2 different mobile devices AT THE SAME TIME!  WOW!!!  I can’t wait to try out the clear calls and great sound quality.  The battery has an amazing talk time of up to 14 hours and up to 40 days standby time.
jabra UPDATE- I received my Jabra Freeway two days ago.  I immediately plugged it into my computer with the included USB cable to charge it up.  Within 2 hours it was fully charged and ready to go.  There is no assembly required so it is easy to set the Jabra Freeway up.  Simply clip it on your visor and turn it on.  Right away it started searching for a phone to connect to.  Once it found my mobile device and I paired them, I was ready to make or receive a call.  I like that you can pair it with 2 devices so my husband and I can both have our phones set up with it.  When a call comes in, the Jabra Freeway announces who is calling.  Then you can choose to say “answer” to accept the call or “ignore” to ignore the call.  When you tap the Voice button it asks you to say a command.  You can tell it who to call, say redial and it will redial the last number you called, or even say call back and it will call back the last person who called you.  If you are not sure what your voice options are you can push the voice button and ask “what can I say” and it will tell you all the functions you can choose from.
I found the Jabra Freeway very user friendly and easy to use.
The calls were all very clear through the Jabra Freeway.  I used the FM feature to broadcast the calls through my FM stereo but I personally liked hearing the call better just through the Jabra Freeway itself.  I love that you can even listen to the music on your phone, listen to podcasts, and lots more through the Jabra Freeway.  It has a sleek design that isn’t just easy to use but also looks great, too.  The only thing I want to note is that if you are out of your car but still within range of the device, it might answer your incoming calls.  When I park on my driveway and I am inside my house I don’t have a problem with the Freeway answering my calls.  Yesterday, however, I was just getting in my house and my front door was still open when a call came in and the Freeway answered the call.  No problem though, I just had to switch it on my cell phone.  If you park in your garage and you find that the Freeway is picking up your calls you might have to turn it off when you leave the car.  Normally you just leave it on and it senses when you reenter the vehicle.  I have a bluetooth speakerphone system already build into my car so hubby will be getting my Jabra Freeway.  I feel better knowing that he’ll be able to use his phone hands free while driving with the Freeway and will be much safe.  Happy early Father’s Day, honey!

Free one-year subscription to Voice Assist- Your purchase of Jabra FREEWAY comes with a free, one-year subscription to Voice Assist, an app that can be used with any mobile phone or IP-connected device. You can use Voice Assist to send and respond to emails and text messages, and post updates to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, using nothing but your voice.

Jabra FREEWAY has won:

      • Red Dot Design Award 2011
      • CES Innovation Award 2012

jabra_freeway Best of CTIA 2011 Laptop
From now until May 9th, Jabra is having a Pin to Win Mother’s Day Sweepstakes.  The first place winner will receive a $500 American Express gift card along with a Jabra Freeway. The second place winner will win a Jabra Solemate.
You can enter by going to Jabra’s Facebook page and Jabra’s Pinterest page
Good luck!
Disclosure- I received a product to facilitate my review.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Amy Baker says:

    Being able to use 2 devices would be so nice, our current system only can use 1. Nice review, thanks!

  2. Maryann D. says:

    I think speaker phones are terrific for cars and a safer way to chat. This sounds like a wonderful product for everyone.

  3. June S. says:

    I really like this, safety should always be top priority when driving in the car.

  4. Debby Chandler says:

    that’s looks like a nifty little thing to have. I like it. Thanks for the review.

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