It’s Not Just Women’s Work! Why You Shouldn’t Have To Do All The Chores By Yourself!

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Even in a modern society that strives as hard as possible to make things totally equal for everyone, there’s one rather nasty stereotype that still seems to be strangely prevalent in a lot of people’s lives. That’s the idea that in a family home, the wife/mother does all of the chores including the cooking, cleaning, and anything else. Now, there might be some people for whom this lifestyle works, and if they’re happy with it, that’s great! However, if you find yourself feeling like there’s just a little bit too much pressure put on you to handle all of the chores in the house, then that’s a problem. Here are just a few reasons why the chores in your home aren’t just “women’s work.”

You’re not a servant

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A relationship should always be a totally equal partnership. If one person in the relationship has power over the other, then that’s going to potentially cause some pretty serious problems between them. But if you’re being made to do all of the housework, then you’re being treated more like a servant than an equal partner. Now, if your partner really doesn’t want to deal with things like cleaning, then why don’t you pay for maid services? That the house gets cleaned but you don’t have to spend your time feeling like you’re working for your partner rather than on the same level as them.  

You’re a busy person

The idea of the wife/mother doing all of the housework comes from the classic idea that one member of the household stayed at home while the other went out to work every day. However, thanks to the rising cost of living as well as the broad cultural realization that women are, obviously, just as skilled as men in the workforce, that dynamic has shifted. This means that, if you’re working a full-time job as well, there’s really no reason why you should be the one to do all of the cooking and cleaning. If you’re both bringing in equal shares of the income, then you should be doing equal shares of the chores.

You deserve a break

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One of the most common reasons why many people say that they shouldn’t have to do the housework is that they’re “tired after a long day at work.” Well, what about you? Even if you’ve made the decision to stay home with your children instead of going to work, that doesn’t mean that you get to relax all day. Taking care of kids and cooking all of the meals for the family is as much of a job as anything else, so why shouldn’t you have the chance to take a break every now and then?

Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to be the one to do the chores around your home. A relationship is about balance, and if you feel like you’ve found the balance in your relationship then that’s great! However, if you feel like there’s a lot of pressure on your to deal with all of the chores by yourself when you don’t want to, then it might be time that you and your partner sat down and had a serious talk.


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