It’s Not Child’s Play! Bonding With Your Child Over Gaming

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If your experience of gaming were those retro games from at least 25 years ago, gaming has changed so much since then. If you’ve got young kids, it’s natural to feel concerned about the the type of game your kid is playing. In fact, for many kids, gaming is actually a positive thing. It’s not like when you were a kid, and you were told that playing computer games, if you had the luxury, would result in you having square eyes, and completely withdraw from society. In fact, gaming now is a very sociable pastime. There are sites like Twitch, where are you can livestream games, or you can watch someone play a game. Now, this doesn’t sound like a good thing, and in fact, might sound particularly boring, but it’s very popular! And your child might be part of this. So, if you’re trying to bond with your child, video games is one of the best options now. So, how can you do this?

Picking family games

Nowadays, there are many different options for family oriented games. The Nintendo Switch is something that is specifically targeted towards multiplayer scenarios, so if your child has been hinting for a Nintendo Switch for so long, buying it for them might be the perfect in. And while there is a physical aspect to a lot of these consoles now, namely the Nintendo Wii, it doesn’t have to be all about the physical aspect. So, you want your child to get out an exercise, but if the goal is bonding with them, you’re going to have to make a few sacrifices, and not think about the overall impact on their physical state. We can discuss exercising further down the line, but for now, if you’re trying to instigate more communication with your child, multiplayer games are your way in.

Choosing the right console

Yes, the Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo Wii are good options for multiplayers, but, don’t underestimate the games that require a PC. While games like Minecraft are a solitary pursuit, there are many options to play with other people. If you are lucky enough to have a couple of PCs in the house, you can easily jump on one of them and play with your child that way. If you are struggling to get any sense of conversation out of your child, playing with then, albeit in different rooms, could be a very good start.

Have an actual interest in the game!

Kids know when you are being disingenuous. So, with something like video games, that is their own hobby, they can feel that you are hijacking it somewhat. So, instead of asking them particularly pointless questions, it’s better for you to have an actual interest in gaming, so, do your research before you sit down with them. This is going to be a much better way for you to instigate communication. And, they may be quite impressed as to how much knowledge you have as an “old person”. And you never know, it could start you onto your own unique daily habit. Don’t panic! There is nothing undignified about a parent having a healthy gaming habit. After all, gaming comes in various guys now, as well as your typical setups like Minecraft, or even games on social media, like Mafia Wars, there’s something a bit more mature, and gambling sites offer a SpinStation casino bonus so you can add that little bit more excitement and maturity to your gaming. Gaming doesn’t have to be an immature pastime, but if you’re trying to use it as a way to communicate with your child, it’s best not to put down any aspect of it. Offering comments about the game they are playing isn’t going to help. So it’s much better for you to have an active interest in the game.

Use gaming as an excuse to talk to your kids

By talking to your kids during a competitive game, such as the typical racing games, or sports games, you can take this opportunity to slip in the all-important questions. Asking them how school was, if they’ve got any issues, etc, will be a bit easier to sneak in while you’re both focused on something else. The big problem most kids have after a certain age is that they are reticent to answer anything, so this is why you have to build up their trust in your ability to be a good gamer. Once you’ve earned their trust in their domain, only then will they open up to you. But this takes a lot of time. You can’t expect to find out all their deep, dark secrets after sitting with them in front of their favourite game for a week or so. And what if they want to be alone? This is going to take even longer. If they pick games that are one player only, it’s very likely they are doing this on purpose. And because they don’t want to engage with you directly, it’s just going to take that little bit longer. But don’t lose faith, take as long as is necessary. Don’t forget, your kids will sniff out an ulterior motive right away, so it’s better for you to focus on the game playing, especially during the first few weeks. Gaming is quite an immersive experience nowadays, it’s not just a bit of fun, so it’s important for you, as the parents, not to belittle the whole process. So, if you are aiming to ask your kids questions about their school day and the like, it’s better for you to get stuck into the game and know what you doing first. This means you have to put in the hours, because if your kid is going to beat you every single time, this doesn’t pose a challenge. So, if you then build up enough skill at a certain game where you can beat your child on occasion, this is going to instigate them to come back and play again and again, so you can bond more and more!

It can take a long time, but if your child is particularly keen on video games, this could be the perfect way to build a proper bond with them. If you’ve been struggling for ways to encourage them to go out and play baseball with you, or go for a walk, or anything, video games might be the perfect option. But remember, it’s not child’s play!


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