It’s BACK!!! HUGE SAVINGS on Custom Designed Girls Clothes- $35 For $200 Worth of Clothes and More!!!

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FP Girls
If you missed my previous posts about the Fashion Playtes sales, don’t worry.  I have another great offer!!!  First let me tell you a little about Fashion Playtes.  It is one of my favorite websites for girls clothes and girls gifts.  Girls get to pick out and design their own clothes on Fashion Playtes.  They even have matching women’s and doll clothes!  My girls each have a bunch of different outfits that they created themselves from Fashion Playtes and are always asking to design more.

Fashion Playtes Clothes For Girls
My girls in creations they made in the past.

Fashion Playtes Dollie and Me ClothesHere’s an outfit my daughter made for herself AND her doll!

They have all sorts of embellishments from My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, sports, peace signs, ribbons, sequins, and lots more! Something for every girl’s style!  PLUS they also have gift ideas like backpacks, purses, personalized tumblers, EVEN craft books from Klutz, dolls, and lots more!!!

Right now you can earn $25 Bonus Cash for every $25 you spend.  Plus 40% off your entire order!  Use code GIFT2013

You will also earn $25 Bonus Cash on every $25 you spend on gift cards and e-gift certificates.  Use code GIFT2013.

Here’s the secret really get the most bang for your buck:

Purchase #1– Buy a $25 FPGirl gift card and use code GIFT2013 at check out.  Make sure to select SEND AN INSTANT eGIFT CARD and not one that gets sent via postal mail.  Complete your purchase for your $25 eGift Card and you will receive a $25 eGift Card and a $25 BONUS eGift Card.
So you are paying $25 for $50 in eGift Cards!!
fashion playtes check out gift card

Purchase #2– Shop on Fashion and let your girl design her own clothes.  Plus if you grab some of the clearance items you could save even more!  When you check out, pay with your eGift Cards AND use code GIFT2013 to save 40% off your purchase (code good until 12/25 at 11:59 pm).

fashion playtes check out items

Shipping is FREE automatically on any order $50 or more (it needs to be $50 after the 40% off code)!  Add $100 worth of items to your cart and use code GIFT2013 shipping will be free AND your new total will be $60.  Use your $60 in eGift Cards to check out plus $10 out of pocket.  That’s $35 total for $100 worth of clothes and accessories.

PLUS- With the code GIFT2013 you will also receive $25 in FP Girl Bonus Cash for EVERY $25 you spend.  It appears that is pre-coupon code so when you put $100 worth in your cart, use the code to get 40% off, pay $50 in eGift cards (using the eGift Cards you already bought) plus $10 out of pocket and earn another $100 in FP Girl Bonus Cash!!!!  The $25 BONUS eGift cards will be e-mailed when your order is shipped which is after your items are created.   So you will be able to place another order using the $100 in FP Girl Bonus Cash you earned when you receive them in a few days!!!

IMPORTANT- The estimated delivery with FREE Shipping is AFTER Christmas (12/28 at the time of this posting).  But you can upgrade to GUARANTEED CHRISTMAS DELIVERY for $10.
fashion playtes delivery

Of course you could order the gift cards now, print them out to give on Christmas, and have your girls design and order what they want ON CHRISTMAS because you have until 11:59 EST on 12/25 to place your order.

Or you could order all items that don’t need to be personalized like the Klutz arts and crafts books, etc. for your first order and then let your girls order the personalized clothes with the bonus eGift Cards when they come.  From my experience Klutz books and other items that aren’t personalized such as Zeenie dolls, ship much faster so I *think* they will arrive before Christmas without paying for expedited service.  That is just my best guess though for this scenario.  

Let’s break this down:
Pay $25 to purchase one $25 eGift Card and get a BONUS $25 ($50 total in FP money).
Order $100 worth of FP Girl clothes using code GIFT2013 get FREE shipping and 40% off so your total will be only $60.
Use your $50 worth of eGift Cards to pay for your order plus $10 out of pocket.
Earn another $100 worth of FP Girl Bonus Cash when your order ships!!!!

You spend $35.00 total and you get $100 worth of clothes PLUS another $100 worth of FP Girl Bonus Cash (that you will receive in a week or two when your order ships).
That’s $200 worth of clothes for $35!!!

You have until 12/25/2013 at 11:59 pm to place your orders so don’t wait!!!

Of course you don’t have to use the eGift Card right away.  You could just grab a bunch of $25 gift cards and earn $25 bonus for each card you purchase and then give them all out as gifts.  

FYI- If you order now and your items ship before this deal is over on 12/25 at 11:59 p.m. EST you can use your BONUS eGift Cards to place another order (before 12/25 at 11:59 p.m. EST) that would be $100 before the 40% off and earn another $100 in BONUS eGift Cards from that order.  Of course that order would only cost $60 of your BONUS eGift Cards so you would have $40 on BONUS eGift Cards left to place another order.  If you place another order of $100 before the code and use your $40 BONUS eGift Cards, you would need to pay $20 additional out of pocket but you would then get ANOTHER $100 BONUS eGIFT CARDS.  That would be $200 bonus in eGift Cards from your original $100 in BONUS eGift CARDS!
So it is probably worth it to pay the $10 on this order for expedited shipping to make sure your order ships while the sale is still going on so you can place the next two orders for $100 each (before the 40% off) to get the extra $200 in bonus eGift Cards!!!!

Here are some of the other things that you can get on Fashion Playtes.

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