Inspiring Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Everyone has their favorite thing about Christmas. For some, it’s gifts (giving or receiving), for others it’s the food, and some people just love the decorations. If you’re a creative person, decorating for Christmas is a chance to get your creative juices flowing and go all out. You can redesign the inside and outside of your house for the Christmas season. And because you only have it all up for part of the year, it’s that bit more special because you know it will eventually have to be put away. It can be difficult to keep the ideas flowing every year though, especially if you want to keep things fresh. If you’re stuck for ideas this year, take a look at some of these to see if anything inspires you.

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Start From the Outside

You might have been hesitant in the past to make too much of a big deal about decorating the outside of your house. It’s easy to accidentally go overboard and end up with something that looks like it’s straight out of Whoville. But you can create a beautiful display that enhances your house and neighborhood, instead of being overwhelming and overpowering. If you’re planning to install lots of lights, use a professional service, such as Christmas light installation by ProActive Landscaping. Especially if you need someone to go up on the roof! If you want to stay classy and understated, stick with white and yellow lights, or pick a single color. But if jolly and bright is for you, go for a multi-colored extravaganza.

Experiment With Your Front Door

The traditional adornment for your front door during the holidays is a lovely holiday wreath. But nothing says that you can’t mix it up a bit and use something else. If you want to stick with a green theme, why not try a hanging box or basket with winter plants or flowers instead? Or if you don’t want to deal with any greenery, you could choose something different. A large wooden decoration that resembles a wreath but isn’t one, perhaps in the shape of a star, would look great. Or how about an advent calendar or a beautiful light guiding people to your door?

Christmas Trees

Everyone does their tree differently, often depending on how much space and money they have. You might have a box (or several) of decorations you’ve collected throughout the years that absolutely must go on your tree. Or you might like to experiment every year. If you like a more traditional tree, you could try a safer version of the candles people would once have used. Get some electric “candles” that you can clip on. There’s no need to worry about wax or flames! If you’re not a traditionalist, you could try something more modern. You can find wooden or metal trees in all sorts of colors, including glittery ones. Or you could move away from the pine tree altogether and choose a tall cherry-tree-shaped sculpture with LED lights.

Get Crafting

Finally, one of the best ways to get your inspiration back if you’ve run out of ideas is to get creating. Make your decorations instead of buying them to give yourself a great project in the run up to Christmas.


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