Improve Your Dog’s Diet

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hungry dog and diet

In today’s world, we mostly have no idea what goes into our food and rely on various experts and food manufacturers to tell us what is good and what isn’t. The same is true, if not even more so, about our pets’ food.

The quality of your pet’s food will have an effect on their behavior, health, and the leavings they leave behind them on their walks. You should always have a baggie with you, or walk your dog where doggie bags are available. With numerous companies like creating affordable and easily available doggie bags, you have no excuse not to pick it up. However, picking up after your dog can give you an insight into their health and the quality of their food.

Food with a Long Shelf Life Isn’t Ideal as Staple

In order to maximize the durability of the dog food, dog food manufacturers add a lot of different chemicals to ‘stabilize’ the food and make it last a lot longer than it would otherwise be natural. Even though it is written on the label what it is and what it contains, this food is marketed as healthy and good for your pet.

However, since it has been treated chemically and changed so drastically from what they would naturally eat, this food is not ideal for the staple of their diet. The supplementation of nutritional substances is an ineffective way to ensure that your pets get everything they need nutrition-wise.

Add Some Fresh Food to Their Diet

Even if you choose to ignore the previous entry, you still should consider adding some fresh produce to your dog’s diet. Not only will they enjoy it much more, but you will also ensure that they intake some fairly important substances not available in the dried out foods.

It is well known that there are important enzymes and other substances which are destroyed by cooking, so fresh food is really the only way to get them, both for you and your dog. Another important thing coming from fresh fruits and vegetables are fibers, the cornerstone of a proper bowel movement. When you’re picking up after your dog, wouldn’t you rather it is always the same consistency?

Just make sure that you do enough of research, whether alone or in consultation with your vet, about the foods and the amounts that your dog requires. Don’t forget to take into account your dog’s size, age, and physical activity levels.

Variety Is Good for Your Dog

Sticking to one kind of food is boring and unacceptable to the vast majority of us. So if you really love your dog and want them to be happy, you shouldn’t limit them to just one food type due to laziness or not thinking it through.

In nature, dogs and their relatives eat a lot of different food groups and items. One more important thing is – don’t cook their meat before you feed them. No creature in the world eats cooked meat apart from humans, so your dog will be more inclined to eat raw meat than cooked one. A lot of nutrients important for dogs are lost when meat is cooked.

Gluten Is Less Than Ideal for Your Dog

Even though we are probably all a bit fed up with people claiming to be gluten intolerant or even allergic to gluten, dogs really shouldn’t eat it. Even though it is not particularly damaging to your dog’s organs, it is not digestible by them. That means that it reaches your dog’s guts undigested, where it is eaten by bacteria, causing gas buildup, finally resulting in nasty dog farts we all dislike.

If you feel like your dog could eat better, it is up to you to ensure that happens. For their sake, as well as for your when you have to use doggy bags to pick up after them.

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