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Disclosure- This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IMACS.  All opinions are 100% my own.IMACS logoComputer programming. Bio-medicine. Financial Services. Engineering.  All of these high paying careers have one thing in common. They require a mastery of mathematics and the ability to apply logic, critical thinking and creative reasoning.

Unfortunately, most schools don’t teach students HOW to think logically or creatively. Instead the focus is on teaching to standardized tests that only require memorization of formulas and facts.

The good news is that, at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS), they offer an alternative where your child can develop strong logic and reasoning skills used to solve complex problems.

IMACS LEARNING 2IMACS is not tutoring.  So how does IMACS differ from tutoring?

Here’s the answer from the IMACS Curriculum Development Group: “Unlike tutoring, IMACS doesn’t drill what your child is already learning in school. We understand that your child will learn certain mathematical ideas, including arithmetic and math facts, in school. IMACS aims to take your child’s knowledge deeper and teach him or her how to develop critical thinking skills and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning process required to solve real problems, math or otherwise.”

Here’s the answer from our students: “IMACS is fun!”

No rote learning, no dry concepts, and no drill-and-kill!
The focus is on creating understanding of the essential tools used to solve interesting problems.  For over 20 years IMACS has been giving children a competitive edge by teaching them HOW to think critically, how to solve problems, and how to use logic and reasoning.

IMACS TRIAL CLASSWho are IMACS classes for?
IMACS is for students who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability and for those with untapped and unseen academic skills.  IMACS classes are not just for mathematically gifted children; however, those who are talented in math will find that IMACS classes will help them reach their highest potential.

IMACS challenges each student by ability level, not by age.  A free, one-hour placement class is used to determine the starting point. The placement class is fun and does not involve any kind of testing.

IMACS classes are interactive and fun because the curriculum uses games, puzzles, virtual robotics, and other engaging activities; IMACS doesn’t bore children with repetition and memorization.

IMACS emphasizes the development of strong logical reasoning and creative thinking skills needed to solve the kinds of complex problems found in virtually every career field. IMACS is NOT just for students planning to pursue STEM degrees and careers.
sign-kidsDoesn’t your child deserve The IMACS Advantage?  
While IMACS graduates find themselves with more knowledge than their peers, the real advantage is in their ability to apply that knowledge.  As IMACS graduate Zachary K. said, “College was so much easier with the logical thinking skills I learned at IMACS. While classmates tried to memorize each type of problem, I was able to strongly grasp core concepts and use them to solve any problem, even if it was different from those I had seen.”

What Programs Does IMACS Offer?
My girls attended a placement class for the Mathematics Enrichment (1st-6th grade) which is the core program at IMACS.  They had a great time while it challenged their logic and thinking skills in a fun way with games.  IMACS employs lively and innovative methods of teaching higher level math and advanced logical thinking skills to elementary and middle school students.  Each lesson is carefully crafted by the IMACS Curriculum Development Group to combine games, logic puzzles, mathematical problem-solving and other intellectually exciting activities that help students develop logical and critical thinking skills and the ability to deal with abstractions.

IMACS offers several other programs (student grade level estimate in parentheses)- Computer Programming and Virtual Robotics Enrichment (3rd-8th grade), University Computer Science (7th-12th grade), and University Logic for Mathematics (8th-12th grade).

IMACS also offers a Hi-Tech Summer Camp (students entering 1st-12th).  Students can choose from individual classes (Logic Puzzles, Computer Programming & Virtual Robotics, and Electronics) or a full day program that includes all 3.  My girls will be going to the IMACS full day camp program for a week this summer.  Keep an eye out to see what they did and how they liked it.  

Do you homeschool your child?  IMACS has a Homeschool Program (1st-9th)- Logic Puzzles, Computer Programming & Virtual Robotics, Electronics, Beginning Chess, Serious Fun, Right-Brain Combo.  The homeschool program is offered at the Boca and Plantation locations.

Find an IMACS Class near you:
South Florida IMACS locations
Boca Raton
Fort Lauderdale

In-School Classes
IMACS holds pull-out or after-school classes at the following schools:

  • American Heritage (Plantation)*
  •  Pine Crest (Boca Raton)*
  • Pine Crest (Fort Lauderdale)*
  • The Sagemont School (Weston)
  • University School (Davie)*
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal School (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Hochberg Preparatory (Aventura)
  • Weston Christian Academy (Weston)*

* classes only available for students who attend this school

If you aren’t near an IMACS location, they also have two distance learning programs, eIMACS and Elements of Mathematics: Foundations, for middle and high school students.

Ready to have your child take a FREE placement class to see just what all the fun is about?
Sign up now for a FREE PLACEMENT CLASS.

*****Exclusive 20% Discount****
Please make sure to tell them that you heard about IMACS from Cori’s Cozy Corner.
This will give you an exclusive 20% discount on first quarter classes if you are a new student to IMACS.

IMACS is also giving away an 8 week class session to one of my lucky winners.  Read below to see how to enter.  
Good luck!

  • IMACS is giving away one enrollment in the first quarter of its Mathematics Enrichment program described at Depending on location, this 8-week quarter generally starts during the second week of September 2014. Exact schedules can be found at Any student, currently enrolled at IMACS or not, may qualify for this giveaway.
  • The winner may choose to attend classes at any of IMACS’ five South Florida teaching centers (Aventura, Boca, Ft. Lauderdale, Plantation, and Weston).
  • The winner will need to attend a placement class so that IMACS can place them in the correct level of instruction.
  • In addition, a new family who enrolls a new student in the first quarter of Mathematics Enrichment this Fall and indicates that they learned about IMACS from the sponsored post will receive 20% off their tution for this first quarter. This discount may not be combined with any other discounts including, but not limited to, the standard sibling discount.
  • To qualify, entrants must complete BOTH of the mandatory entries on the Giveaway Tools Widget below:
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  1. I enjoyed all the stories, but i will choose Jessee Salomon’s story.

  2. I love the testimony where the mom says her son was at mid 7th grade level when he was in 3rd grade!

  3. My daughter could really benefit from this program. I hope we have the opportunity to give it a try!

  4. Shari Graham says:

    All of the stories were wonderful, but I was able to relate to Brett Oreivto’s story because my daughter is in the band also. She is also kept really busy with school and her afterschool activities.. Education is of the utmost importance to us as a family.

  5. I am currently checking out the locations for my son.

    • That’s great, Brigitte! Where do you live? I’ve been to the Boca Raton location as well as the Plantation location. It is a wonderful program. You can sign up on their website for a free placement class to get a feel for what the program is all about. Make sure to tell them that you came from my blog so you will receive a 20% discount on your son’s first class session if you choose to sign him up for classes.

  6. Danielle’s story struck me, because she shares a lot of similarities with my daughter.

  7. Sonia Romero-Kane says:

    All the stories were awesome, but I choose David Smith’s story because I can see my Son on him 🙂 I am a very proud mom. I keep all my children really busy with school and they after school activities so this will be an amazing way for them to do after school activities. Thank for the huge opportunity 🙂

  8. Susan S. says:

    All of the success stores are amazing and inspiring! I like how Dustin Katzin chose to tackle a more challenging course… obviously he had the confidence and ability to succeed as a result of IMACS. Fantastic!

  9. They are all inspiring stories that give you hope. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Of course I am partial to the stories of the young ladies. I got to say Jennifer Hernandez is my favorite story, because Amanda will be going to 3rd grade this year and that is the year that Jennifer started with this program.

    • My younger daughter is going into 3rd grade this year, too. She really enjoyed the placement class she took at IMACS last week and she is having an absolute blast at the IMACS camp this week. Both of my girls are learning so much and doing really cool projects.

  10. Pamela L says:

    I enjoyed reading all of the success stories, however I especially enjoyed David Smith’s. His parents must be so proud!

  11. I found Rachel’s story very inspiring. Today we’re beginning to see more and more young girls/women going into the sciences and I love hearing about those that move forward with confidence. I’ll be homeschooling my daughter this year and would love her to love math. I have heard great things about IMACS and would be thrilled to win 8 weeks of classes for her!

  12. Ellen Bees says:

    I loved all the success stories but especially liked Ryan’s. A Phd from MIT, very impressive. Looks like a wonderful program. Will be wanting more information.

  13. Loved the success stories. Jennifer and Rachels stories were excellent.

  14. I love Rachel Cuozzo’s story because of her practical application of the sciences. She said the IMACS program taught her how to exercise the parts of her brain that she now uses in her everyday life. I’m excited about the prospects for my daughter’s future in math and science exploration.

  15. sara eaton says:

    This would be an amazing opportunity for my son.

  16. Definitely Jennifer’s story!

  17. I’ll be sharing these success stories with my daughter tonight. She’s definitely likes independent confirmation of my suggestions! I think she’ll appreciate Scott Caplan’s story since he was able to use IMACS as replacement for his regular school math. She would love that. For me, all the stories are powerful. I love how most of these students began in elementary school. I can tell that my daughter’s love of learning is being diminishing and I’m hoping IMACS will keep that fire lit!

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