Ideal Shape Weight Loss Products Review and Giveaway PLUS Free Smoothie Recipe Book

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Most people take on too much when trying to lose weight, get overwhelmed, then quit. Others lose weight, but don’t keep it off because they haven’t created sustainable habits for healthy living. If this sounds like you, you should check out Ideal Shape Weight Loss Products. I was fortunate enough to receive some products to review and I’m loving them.

They offer a wide variety of both weight loss shakes and bars, so there should be something for everyone if you prefer one over the other. Thankfully I like both the shakes and the bars.

ideal bar

Meal Replacement Bars are a great way to take your weight loss plan with you on the go! With the power of the all-natural hunger-blocker Slendesta, IDEALBAR helps curb hunger cravings in a simple 140 low calorie bar. My daughters both accidentally took a bar for breakfast before they knew they were weight loss bars and they both enjoyed it.

With 10 grams of protein and 20% of your Recommended Daily Intake in 22 vitamins and minerals, this bar has the nutrients your body needs to be energized and make it through the day. All of this with only 7 grams of sugar and 140 calories. This means this bar is perfect for your weight loss goals.

ideal shake and bar

If bars aren’t your thing you can always try replacing 1 meal a day with a delicious Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla Meal Replacement Ideal Shakes. Or accelerate your fat loss by replacing 2 meals a day. In addition to feeling more satisfied between meals, you’ll get daily nourishment with protein, fiber, and 22 vitamins and minerals. With IdealShake you’ll never have to “cheat” on your diet… but lucky for you it might FEEL like you are!  I am usually full for about 3 hours after I drink a shake. 

My trick is to add  about 1/3 of a packet of sugar free pudding or sugar free jello mix to my shakes to give them fun flavors like cheesecake and pistachio.  It doesn’t add that many more calories but it adds variety and makes the shakes a little thicker.  Today I added cheesecake pudding mix and a squirt of blueberry flavor (normally water flavoring) and it was like blueberry cheesecake.  I picked vanilla because it is so versatile, but the NEW strawberry flavor sounds delish.

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Just a few tidbits of info:

  • We suggest drinking a full glass of water after each shake.  This helps to activate the hunger blocker.
  • Any time you cut back your calorie intake it will take a couple of days for your body to adjust.  (complaints of still feeling hungry) Also, making it into a smoothie gives it a little more substance which some people may need.
  • Be sure they are eating 5 times a day.  We suggest 3 healthy snacks.  The Idealbar works great for this.
  • Some bodies are not use to the amount of fiber and may need to start out with ½ a scoop for a week then move up to a full scoop.

 The Products

  • Meal Replacement Shake: Patented hunger blocker, unbelievable taste, less than $1.50/serving, 120 calories, 22 vitamins & minerals, gluten free, 1g sugar
  • IdealBars: Hunger blocker, 5g fiber, 140 calories, 10g protein, 19 vitamins & minerals 7 g sugar
  • IdealBoost Drink: A refreshing blend of weight loss and fat burning ingredients. Curb your appetite and replace your sodas and energy drinks
  • G2G Protein Bars: 18g protein, all natural, high fiber
  • NatralShape Weight Loss Supplement – Powerful natural hunger suppressant
  • ResveraShape Weight Loss Supplement– Fat burning energy booster
  • Motivational Weight Loss Tools – Re-train your brain to create positive life-long habits

The IdealPlan, as we like to call it, includes a complete lifestyle transformation manual called IdealShape For Life that incorporates our popular meal replacement shakes, meal replacement bars, hunger blocking supplements, and motivation weight loss training CDs. There is also a FREE Smoothie Recipe Book on their site! If you love what you see you can enter this awesome giveaway!! GIVEAWAY PRODUCTS INCLUDE:

  • 1 Tub of IdealShake Mix (choc or van)
  • 1 Box of IdealBars (Choc. Peanut Butter or Cinnamon Caramel Crunch, Strawberry Yogurt)
  • 1 Shaker Bottle
  • $70.00 retail value

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  1. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I want to try this because it has a Patented hunger blocker.

  2. heather eg kaufman says:

    I need to lose 15 lbs, so I would like to try this.

  3. I want to try this because I need to take off some weight.

  4. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would love to try because I have been struggling for a while now with a lot of weight to loss with no luck and this product sounds so good and has the vitamins I know I need.

  5. I would like to try to lose some weight

  6. I lost 100 lbs and gained some of the weight back and I really want to get back on track with my health and fitness.

  7. Erica Driver says:

    to see if it works for me

  8. because I’d like to lose 20 stubborn pounds

  9. I so need a jumpstart to lose weight.

  10. Maryann D. says:

    I would like to try this because it would be convenient for me to take at work in the morning. It seems like a good product to try. I am currently trying not to gain more weight.

  11. I have 150 lbs to lose and would love to see which products can help me do it the most healthy and efficiently

  12. amanda whitley says:

    i am willing to try anything right now since i had my son a year ago and am still carrying alot of weight.

  13. I want to try the hunger blocker. I tend to snack between 1000-noon.

  14. Michelle S says:

    I would love to try this because I am interested in a meal replacement shake in the morning to get my cals and feel full.

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