I Met a Super Buddy! See What Happened and Our Review of Disney’s Super Buddies DVD #SuperBuddies

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Disclosure: Disney paid for my flights, lodging, and expenses for this trip but all opinions are 100% my own.  I also received a copy of the DVD mentioned below to facilitate my review.Super_Buddies_Combo_Pack_Box_Shot (1)

Are you ready for some total puppy cuteness?!?!  When I went to Los Angeles last month for the Disney Planes premiere, I also had the privileged of meeting one of the 4 legged stars of Disney’s new movie in the ‘Buddies” franchise, Super Buddies.  The adorable puppy we met plays Rosebud in the movie.  Rosebud, along with his trainer, Ray Beal, showed us a little bit about how the puppies are trained.  Yes, I said his.  The puppy we met who played Rosebud was a male named Cooper.  I had completely forgotten what his name was when we adopted our new puppy last week and also named him Cooper!
Cooper the Super Buddy is just one of 4-6 puppies that play EACH of the characters in the movie.  The puppies are picked and start a two week “Buddy Bootcamp” starting at 8 weeks old.  They then work for 2-3 months before they reach 14 weeks and have to “retire” because they are too big to play their parts.  Each film requires 2-3 litters to complete the film so usually between 20-30 dogs total.  At any given time there are 2 puppies to play each character so if one is tired they can put the other one in.  Each character has his/her own trainer in charge of the puppies for that character.  It was really fascinating learning how the puppies are trained and how the movies are made.
Disney Super Buddies Rosebud

Disney’s ‘SUPER BUDDIES’ debuts August 27, 2013, on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD.   An action-packed canine adventure, ‘Super Buddies’ stars the world’s most adorable talking puppies – Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha and Mudbud, as caped crusaders em’barking’ on their biggest adventure ever.  Debuting just in time to join 2013’s blockbuster super hero-filled summer, ‘SUPER BUDDIES’ joins the hugely popular #1 live-action, direct-to-video Disney Buddies movie franchise in North America.

About the Movie

An ordinary day at Fernfield Farms turns extraordinary when Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud discover mysterious rings that grant them each a unique super power. Before you can say, “Buddies, assemble,” the pups unleash their amazing abilities and race to the rescue when a shape-shifting bully from outer space threatens the planet. But can they succeed in kicking major tail without revealing their new secret identities?

A must-own movie event packed with laughter, action and incredible new characters, ‘SUPER BUDDIES’ proves when you use your wits and work together, you don’t need super powers to be a super hero!

‘SUPER BUDDIES’ stars John Ratzenberger (“Brave,” “Cars,” TV’s “Cheers”), Michael Teigen (TV’s “Supernatural,” “TRON: Legacy”), Jason Earles (TV’s “Kickin’ It,” TV’s “Hannah Montana”) and more.

The movie’s fantastic voice cast includes Colin Hanks, John Michael Higgins, Atticus Shaffer, Alyson Stoner, Maulik Pancholy, Chris Coppola, Amy Sedaris, Zendaya, Debra Jo Rupp, and the legendary Tim Conway as the voice of Deputy Sniffer.  The ‘Buddies’ voices include Cooper Roth (TV’s Are you Faster Than a 1st Grader”)  who voices B-Dawg; Tenzing Trainor (TV’s “Stevie TV” ) who voices Buddha; Jeremy Shinder (TV’s “Louie,” “Newlyweeds”) who voices Budderball; Ty Panitz (“Because I Said So,” “How To Eat Fried Worms”) who voices Mudbud; and G. Hannelius (TV’s “Good Luck Charlie,” TV’s “Sonny With A Chance”) who voices Rosebud.

‘SUPER BUDDIES’ is directed by Robert Vince, written and produced by Robert Vince and Anna McRoberts.

About The Popular Disney Buddies Franchise:

Since the 1997 big-screen debut of the sports-minded Golden Retriever star “Buddy,” audiences loved the high-stakes antics in the “AIR BUD” movie series with its fantastic sports-themed adventures including basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and even America’s national pastime – baseball!

A quintet of adorable talking puppies followed the “Bud” movies in 2006, with the highly-anticipated launch of the BUDDIES series with “AIR BUDDIES” – and so the puppy craze began!  “SNOW BUDDIES” was released in 2008, “SPACE BUDDIES” in 2009, “SANTA BUDDIES: THE LEGEND OF SANTA PAWS” in 2009, “SPOOKY BUDDIES” in 2011, and “TREASURE BUDDIES” in 2012.  These films continue to top the charts as the #1 best-selling, live-action direct-to-video movies in the family category.

What We Thought:

My girls both really enjoyed watching Super Buddies.  They love dogs so this was the perfect movie for them.  I’ll admit that at first I didn’t think I would like it.  I was only half watching it when I put it on for my girls but by the end I got sucked into it, too.  The puppies are adorable and it’s a cute movie to watch with your children.  It teaches children about teamwork and that you don’t need to have super powers to be a super hero.  If you love the other ‘Buddies’ movies then you’ll love Super Buddies!

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