HUGE Clearance Sale at Sears! TONS of Items For $3.99 and Under!

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I am part of a blogger campaign that was challenged to “give the gift of sleep” to someone in our local community.  I will be posting all about it in an upcoming post but basically part of what I am planning on doing is donating pajamas to a local shelter.

I searched on the internet and I couldn’t find much under $10 each pair so I didn’t think I’d really be able to get much.  Then I happened to see a tiny corner of the Sears ad this week and it said $3.99 clearance and it included pajamas.  WOOT!  It was a sign from above I think.  So I ran down to Sears last night and wait until you see everything I scored!

These pajamas were originally $38 each.  I got them for $3.99 each and then I have a FREE ShopYourWay rewards card so I earned points on each one that I was able to use as cash towards my next purchase.
Last night I bought 10 pairs of women’s pjs to donate and 10 shirts for my girls.  I spent $87 but got $27 back in reward dollars.Normally you get 10 points per $1 spent but they are having some type of bonus point sale or something so I earned a ton in bonus points.

Here are just some of the shirts I got for my girls and everything was $3.99 each or less!  They are all adorable.  I had to stop myself from getting more because they were so pretty and I wanted to get it all!  Some even came with necklaces.
On the left in this picture is a leotard with a polka dot skirt that was only $2.99!  The dress in the middle was $3.99 and came with a necklace.  Look at the cute bow in the back of the shirt on the right.
The shirt in the middle has a tank top underneath it and then the top is a pretty knit that flairs on the sides.  The shirts on either side in this picture also have pretty shapes to them.  I like that they aren’t just normal straight up and down type shirts/sleeves.  One even came with a peace sign necklace.
And look at the beautiful crocheted details on the back of these two shirts!
Isn’t this pretty?
And look at this comfortable set!
Today I went back to buy shorts to go with the shirts I bought and to buy more pajamas since they were so cheap.  We live in South Florida so we wear shorts most of the year.  I grabbed shorts in multiple sizes so my girls will be set for a while!  And they are all good quality items.  Most of the shorts were Bongo brand, not some junk.
I don’t know exactly how much I bought for my girls because I forgot to count it before I put it in their rooms and they are asleep now.  Plus I ended up getting 30 pairs of pajamas to donate.  I am so excited to be able to donate so many pairs to women in need.  With the extra bonus money I was able to get some much more than I would have and each item ended up being under $3 each.

Run, don’t walk to Sears but before you do, sign up here for their FREE ShopYourWay rewards program so you will earn bonus points on all your purchases.  PLUS you get 90 days FREE SHIPPING as an added bonus for signing up for this FREE program.

There were other $3.99 items on clearance all over the store in many of the departments.  I just didn’t need anything in mens or boys. 😉 

NOTE~ You can use your bonus points as soon as you earn them.  I was able to buy some pajamas in one transaction and then use the bonus points I earned on the pajamas to purchase some shorts for my girls in a separate transaction right after the first one.  You don’t have to wait to use your points.  Make sure to give the cashier your reward account number or phone number before they ring you up and right before you pay, ask them if you have any points you can use as cash towards your purchase.
Happy shopping!!!

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