How To Sell A Property Without Spending A Fortune

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The estate agent handbook has all kinds of rules and tips for selling houses quickly and adding value to properties. When selling a house, it is essential to think about viewings through the eyes of the potential buyer. What will he think when he pulls up outside the house? Will she think the kitchen ticks all the boxes for her family? Will the garden meet his standards? Does the house give off a welcoming vibe?

Investing in the future or selling a house often comes with spending money. However, it’s not essential to spend a fortune to add value to a house. Often, making the right kinds of improvement will add significant value without great cost.

How to increase the value on a budget

Start with the kitchen

A bright, modern, airy kitchen is likely to make the buyer think seriously about making an offer. Kitchens sell, and providing a buyer with a versatile, attractive space is sure to make him class the house as a serious contender. Modern homes should have modern kitchens. Marble units and slate floors work well with stainless steel appliances. Country kitchens with chic contemporary accents are also very popular, according to experts at

Envisage the buyer’s journey

The aim of a viewing is to encourage the buyer to step through the door and fall in love with the house. Creating a positive impression from the first moment is essential. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to tidy up the garden, paint the front door and give a white house a coat of paint. When a buyer arrives outside the home, the goal is to tempt them to come inside and look around. Adding some detail, like a flower basket or a potted olive tree, can add an appealing finishing touch.

When preparing the home, it is important to consider what the buyer will think. Will he notice the mould in the bathroom? Is she going to spot the potential in the spare room with all these boxes around? Mess, clutter and dirt in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways are turn-offs for viewers. A spring clean and clear out is highly recommended.

Designers from believe that homely touches can make all the difference. Fresh flowers, a loaf of warm bread and scented candles all create a pleasant atmosphere and a positive impression.

livingroom-1032733_1280Image source:


Dated styles are not popular, especially for buyers who want to move straight in without any need to employ elbow grease. Updating bathroom suites and bedroom furniture is always a good idea. Modern designs are available for all budgets, and even a simple upgrade can make a significant difference. Not only will the room look better; the value will also increase. Converting a loft space is one of the easiest ways to add significant value. A surprise bedroom or study in the attic could be the deciding factor, which makes the buyer put in that offer.

Most people spend money when putting their house up for sale. A little can go a long way, and the changes could help to seal the deal.


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