How to Prepare for Getting a Kitten

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Getting a kitten is a very exciting time. You may feel as though a kitten is going to be great for the kids it will be a welcome addition to your family as well. A lot of people don’t know this, but you do really need to prepare your home before you go out and bring home your furry friend. This is because there could be a huge range of hazards around the home that you might not even be aware of, so it helps to get these sorted out beforehand.

Curious Creatures

Cats are notoriously curious, to the point where they can wreak havoc on your home. They will play with absolutely anything they can find so it helps to look around your home to see if there are any blind fixtures or curtain tie-backs that could pose as a strangling hazard. If you want to avoid this issue then cut the cords or undo the knot so that the string isn’t looped on the blinds, or keep your tie-backs hooked on a loop so that they don’t dangle down. Some companies are actually selling strangle-free blinds now as they do pose as a risk to children, so it is well worth looking into these before you bring your kitten home. Elastic bands, paper clips and other small items can also be hazardous to kittens, so make sure that you put these away in a drawer. Remember that cats can be acrobats and that they can easily jump to higher shelves.



If you have household chemicals then you should know that these are incredibly toxic to cats. Pesticides, car fluids and even cleaning products can be very dangerous to your cat. The worst thing about this is that some car fluids can taste very sweet so your cat may be tempted to lick them up if they are spilt anywhere. If you are unable to dispose of these chemicals, put them somewhere the cat can’t go. This can include a locked cupboard or it could include putting them in the garage.

Toxic Plants

There are some plants that are incredibly toxic to cats. You would probably think that cats would know this and avoid them, but that isn’t the case at all. Cats are curious and they will nibble on just about anything, especially plants. For this reason, you need to make sure that you avoid having toxic plants in your home altogether. This can include lilies, irises and ivy as well. If you can’t get rid of the plants for whatever reason then try and hang them higher from the ground and watch out for any hanging or falling leaves as well, as these can be just as toxic to your furry friend.


Cat Beds

When you make a bed for your cat, you can easily keep them off your furniture and if this is your goal then it is very easy for you to make this happen. If you have furniture around the home and if you don’t want your cat jumping on any of it then you may need to have a bed in every single room that you have, even if it is just a pillow or even a folded up blanket. Cats like to sleep in places that are higher up, so consider having them on the windowsill or on top of a set of drawers.


You should always make sure that your cat has a collar. Some people see cat collars as being dangerous because they can get them caught on trees and even branches. If you want to avoid this then try and have a collar that is elasticated. This will protect your cat and it will also help you to keep them safe as well. It also helps to have a tag on your pet’s collar as well, so that you can have your phone number and even your vet’s phone number as well.


In some areas, it is a legal requirement for you to have your pet microchipped. When you do have your cat microchipped, this is a very small device that is placed underneath the cat’s skin. If something was to happen to your cat, the microchip would contain all of your details and it will also give you the chance to find your cat if they ever get lost or if something happens to them when they are out on their travels. Microchipping is a great way for you to protect your cat if they don’t have a collar as well, so make sure that you keep that in mind.


Buy Everything you Need

The next thing that you need to do is make sure that you have plenty of cat litter and you also need to make sure that they have plenty of food and water as well. You will want to have a separate container for their food and water, and you should also take note that stainless steel is by far the easiest thing for you to clean. If you are getting your cat or kitten from a shelter then it is worth asking them what food they are being fed at the moment and you can also ask them about their cat litter as well. Some cats don’t like to have feeding bowls that touch their whiskers either, purely because of how sensitive they are so consider going for a really shallow feeding bowl to begin with to see how your cat or kitten likes it.

It also helps for you to buy plenty of toys as well because kittens are incredibly playful and they are always going to be on the lookout for things to mess around with. The more you give them to play with, the less likely they are to cause mischief around the home and this is something that you really do need to stay focused on. Luckily cat toys are very affordable to buy and they are also very easy to find. Catnip is great and it can really help to get your cats interested in a new toy as well.


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