How to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

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A road trip is a great way to enjoy a fun, memorable vacation as a family and see a lot of different places during the same trip. But when you are traveling with children, a road trip can be a frustrating ordeal, especially as they become restless while sitting in the car for long periods of time. So how can you keep your kids occupied and maintain your sanity at the same time?

Continue reading for a few tips that will help you keep your kids entertained during any road trip, no matter how long it is.

Pack a Variety of Toys

Kids get bored really easily, and they will only play with a single toy for so long before they want to do something else with their time, so make sure that you pack a variety of toys for the long journey ahead. You can even give them a surprise new toy every day of the road trip so that they have something brand new to look forward to and try out.

Depending upon the age of your kids, you can bring along everything from an iPad and puzzle toy, to a deck of cards or a miniature version of their favorite board game. Get creative and ask your kids what they would want.

Give Your Kids a Digital Camera

A small digital camera is a great alternative to constantly using a mobile device to take pictures, and your kids will enjoy having a camera that they can call their own and that allows them to tweak settings to take creative photos of their road trip. They will be excited to take pictures inside the car and during any stops that you make, and they will also definitely want to document the actual destinations.

Travel in Comfort

Rather than packing the family into a very tight vehicle, making it uncomfortable and almost impossible for your kids to keep themselves occupied, consider renting an RV or searching for toy haulers for sale. These provide plenty of space for the whole family and make it a lot easier for your kids to find things to do, such as watch movies, listen to music, or play video games.

Plan Enough Stops Along the Way

If you have a really long ride ahead of you before you reach your final destination, plan a few stops along the way. For example, a 12-hour ride could be really rough on the kids, especially if they get bored easily and quickly. So as you are planning your vacation and your route, see if there are any good attractions along the way that you can stop and check out. Beaches along the coast are a great option, as are popular cities with a lot of shopping and restaurants to choose from.

For extended journeys, it is also a good idea to book a hotel rather than force the family to sleep in the car while you and your spouse switch spots in the driver’s seat. But, again, if you are riding in an RV, you can bypass the need for a hotel and save time and money at the same time.

Pack Books, Magazines, Coloring Books, and Audiobooks

As long as your kids do not end up feeling carsick while looking down reading, it is a good idea to pack books and magazines, as well as coloring books, to keep them occupied. In the event that you have a child who starts to feel unwell when he or she looks down in the car for too long, stick with audiobooks instead. Play these over the car’s radio or give your children their own music player that they can use to listen to the audiobook while you drive.

Have Enough Snacks on Hand

A hungry child is an angry and annoying one, so make sure you also pack plenty of snacks to keep your kids satisfied in between stops for complete meals. Stick with snacks that will not make your kids super active, though, so you may want to steer clear of super sugary options and instead go for healthier alternatives. Fresh fruits, healthy cookies that are loaded with complex carbohydrates, and vegetables with a healthy dip are all great options that will keep your kids feeling full without making them feel sick or depleted.

Even though a long road trip with the kids can turn into a pretty annoying ride, if you keep the above tips in mind, you should be able to keep your entire family happy and entertained until you reach your destination.

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