How to Ignore Celebrities Post-pregnancy and Do Things Your Way

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There is no denying that pregnancy and giving birth change your body forever. You might be able to lose any extra weight once the baby’s born. But you can still have stretch marks, a C-section scar, and let’s not even mention what it can do to you down under. When celebrities seem to ping magically back into their pre-pregnancy body, you can feel a lot of pressure to get back to the way you were before. You might not be able to look like the mirror image of your body before, but you can work your way back to happiness.

Ignore Celebrities

The most important thing to remember is that celebrity pregnancies are not like normal pregnancies. Many celebrities put on less weight than other women when they’re pregnant. And once the baby is born, they have a whole host of staff to help them out. While you’re trying to feed the baby, do the laundry and get back to work, they have a nanny, a personal trainer, and a maid. Don’t use celebrity stories of getting their pre-pregnancy body back to pressure you into doing the same. It’s unrealistic to strive for the rapid weight loss and toning that they often achieve.

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Many celebrity moms do crazy diets after having their baby. It’s not a good idea to follow their example, particularly if you’re breastfeeding. Your baby needs all the essential nutrients from your diet. You might want to diet, but they certainly don’t! If you’re bottle feeding, a diet may be a more realistic thing to do. However, even then you shouldn’t aim for rapid weight loss. A pound a week is about the most you should be losing. Any faster than that isn’t very healthy. And you should still be eating a balanced diet, rather than trying out all sorts of fads. Try eating smaller portions or having healthier snacks.

Finding Time to Exercise

It’s not secret that finding the time to workout can feel impossible with a newborn. You have a million and one things to do, and not to mention that you’re exhausted. But exercise can help you feel good, as well as helping you lose weight. It can be excellent for anyone suffering from postpartum depression. So how do you find the time and energy to do it? Before you start, check with your doctor that you can exercise. One of the best ways to get started is by walking. Taking your baby for a walk can help to calm them down, and you can use the stroller to help with your fitness.

Choosing the Fast Route

Not everything can be changed by diet and exercise. If there are still parts of your body you want to reclaim, you might consider cosmetic procedures. Some moms choose to have mommy makeover surgery to get their pre-pregnancy body back. It can help to correct things like loose skin and stubborn fat. It’s an attractive option for many moms who want to go back to “normal”.

However you choose to get your body back, do it in your own time. Don’t feel that there’s a time limit you have to meet.


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