How To Host The Perfect Dinner Party For Special Guests

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If you are entertaining special guests, it can be a challenge to put together a fantastic dinner party to impress them. That’s not to say it’s impossible. With some careful planning and thought about preparation, you can create the ultimate dinner party that is sure to be a delight. Here’s how to tackle it successfully:


All dinner parties start with the food. Your choice of ingredients is important to ensure the meal is a success. For special guests, source your meats from a reputable gourmet butcher. Knowing where your meat has come from provides confidence in the produce and a talking point at the table. You could also select choice products like bison meat to provide that something extra special for your guests.

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Dressing your table for special guests requires pulling out the quality linen, crockery and silver. Use serviettes and a quality table runner to dress the table. If you have a good candelabra, then this could make an elegant touch for the table. Alternatively, why not order a centerpiece from your local florist? Dressing the table to be elegant and chic creates a special atmosphere for the special occasion. Set the plates and glasses out early so you can check for any spotting.

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It’s important to stay calm while you are preparing the food. The last thing you want is to be flustered when the doorbell rings. Start early, aiming for everything to be ready about forty-five minutes early. That way, if you’re running fifteen minutes late, you still have thirty minutes to dress. Try not to indulge in tipples before they arrive. It may not calm your nerves, but instead loosen your inhibitions and make you clumsy.

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Final Touches

Some dinner music heard faintly in the background can be a nice touch to add. Reduce the lighting enough to create an atmosphere. Don’t let it be too dark that the detail in the food is lost, though! Welcome your guests with cheek kisses and handshakes. Take their coats and hang them. Offer an aperitif in the living room before moving onto the table. This gives everyone a chance to get comfortable with each other.

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Sometimes it’s tricky to know how to navigate the conversations that may arise. It can even be a challenge to get a conversation going! If your guests are potential clients, then don’t be pushy from the start. Get to know them and make a mental note of what they have to tell you. You can draw out more information by asking them to clarify on certain points. For example, they might say the kids were upset they were out for the night. You could then ask how many they have, and provide similar stories of your own in sympathy.

Special guests could be potential clients or even potential in-laws! It’s good to have a well-planned evening in mind for these occasions. At the end of the day, though, it is your home. You should feel comfortable in it, and help to make your guests feel the same. Enjoy your evening.

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