How To Homeschool Your Children While Travelling

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If you follow our website regularly, you know that we spend most of our time out on the road. We travel as a family, taking the kids along with us. We try to do most of the travelling during the school holidays, so the children never lose out on an education. Having said that, there is no better education than getting out of the country, and exploring the real world. Engaging with new cultures, and getting to know the history of other countries if the foundation of education. That’s why we started World School, and started homeschooling along the way. If you’re planning a similar lifestyle, here are some tips that have helped us.

Stay up to date with the curriculum

Every school across the country teaches the same broad subjects and topics. It’s based on a standard curriculum that every school follows. All you have to do is go into your children’s current school, and ask for an up-to-date curriculum. They will give you all the information and direct you to the right resources for home-schooling. So long as you stick to this curriculum, you can teach your children everything they’d be learning from school.

Apps and online learning aids

It’s now easier than ever to homeschool your children. And that’s all thanks to the internet. I’ve rounded up some of the best educational apps to help the children learn. (And it helps me structure the lessons too!) The kids love it, because they engage so well with an iPad. It turns learning into a fun game, and we can do it from anywhere in the world. So long as you’re covering those core subjects, you’ll stay on track.

Use the local country as a resource

The best thing about travelling with children is that they’ll learn so much along the way. Try to use the country you’re visiting as a learning tool or resource. What better way to understand history, politics, and culture than visiting local museums? You can even talk to the locals, and get first-hand accounts for the children. Instead of just reading about new places and their history. They can actually live it, and explore it.

Local homeschooling communities

When you spend your life travelling, you quickly realise you aren’t the only ones! There are plenty of other families out on the road, exploring the world. Many have got children with them, and they homeschooling along the way too. A lot of these families get together to create homeschooling communities. You can join them, and help your children interact with others of the same age.


In many ways, homeschooling in this way gives your children a more engaging learning experience. Rather than being one in a class of thirty, you can focus on one-on-one learning. You can teach at their level, and focus all your energy on them. It means they don’t need a full day of teaching like they would at school.

Homeschooling while travelling is a real possibility, and it won’t harm their future chances. Follow these tips, and your children will get the benefit of world experience, and a real education.


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