How To Help Your Kids Live A Normal Life When Their Military Father Is On Tour

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Those of you who are lucky enough to have a brave husband who works for the military will need to take extra special care when it comes to looking after your children. Growing up with a dad who isn’t around most of the time can be quite hard on them. So, it’s important that you take steps to ensure they are always happy.

The US has one of the best-funded and technologically advanced militaries in the world. That means you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your partner returning home with an injury. However, your kids might not see things that way. When they watch the news, they will see terrifying stories about life in the army, and that could cause them to feel upset. You must reassure them that their father will return safely every time he goes away.

Arrange fun activities to take their mind off things

Regardless of your kid’s personal interests, there are always going to be activities they will enjoy. Some young ones like to spend time in the great outdoors; others prefer to visit museums and learn about the world. Either way, you simply need to plan fun days out to take their mind off the fact that their father isn’t around. You should aim to do that every weekend. When their friends come to school on Monday mornings with stories about how they enjoyed spending time with their parents, it can make a child feel sad. Yours won’t suffer too much if they also have interesting tales to tell their classmates. Presuming your children like to read, you could create a home library to keep them occupied after school during the week. Fill it with all their favorite titles and they will be more than happy.

Move somewhere you have support

Making sure both yourself and your children have enough support is of paramount importance. There are many military housing communities that offer corporate apartments you could rent or buy. Living in an area like that is sure to help your kids because most of your neighbors will be in the same position. People tend to pull together when they have a common issue, and so you are guaranteed to have a higher level of support.

Ask your partner to “Skype” the kids as much as possible

Unless your husband is in a specialist part of the military, they should have the option to video call with loved ones every so often. Of course, sometimes they are far too busy on operations. However, you should let your partner know that calling the kids as much as possible will help them to feel less worried and stressed. In most instances, you can find out when opportunities for calling might come around a few days in advance. That means you can put the date and time on your calendar and count the hours down with your children.

13301808645_15df4533c0_zYou should now have a better idea of what you need to do to keep your kids happy.  Make arrangements today, and you could have some pretty cheerful little ones in the near future. At the end of the day, their dad is someone very special, and he’s doing the noblest job in the world.

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