How To Have The Ultimate Relaxing Bath Time

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We’ve all been there. You just want five minutes alone in the bathroom, without your children screaming or constantly knocking on the door. Having a relaxing bath seems like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to make time for yourself. Even if it’s five or ten minutes. That time is for your to relax and revitalise yourself. So put your kids to bed and follow this guide to bringing more zen and relaxation to your bathtime.

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To start off with treat yourself to some great bath products. These don’t have to be expensive and can do you the world of good. Bath salts are a great product to use. They are designed to exfoliate the skin giving your skin a wonderful natural glow all over. When you’re drawing your bath, be generous with your bath salts. The more, the better. It may take some time for them all to dissolve, so just sit back and relax. Bath bombs and bath oils are another great options. Lush have a wonderful selection of frangranced bath bombs. Each with their own benefits and they are mesmerizing when they dissolve. They also turn your standard bath water into a colourful and bubbly oasis. Always check the water is not too hot before entering the bath.

If you like, you can also put on an exfoliating face mask, that you can wear for the duration of your soak. It will help to make your skin feel refreshed and smooth.

Creating the right atmosphere is vital for a relaxing bath time. Turn off the lights, draw the blinds and light plenty of candles. Candles are wonderful for creating a serene setting. Place them on the edge or your bath. Make sure they are not near to towels or any other flammable materials. You can buy candles online at Koch. They have a huge selection of both scented and unscented candles to choose from. Either is fine.

Music can be another way of setting the right atmosphere. Make yourself a playlist of relaxing songs. You can find pre-made playlists online, and there are CD’s available if you prefer. Use some headphones or your laptop. Lie back in the bath and close your eyes. Clear your mind of any everyday stresses and concentrate on the music and your breathing instead. You’ll feel so relaxed you may even find yourself falling to sleep. Use a soft towel to protect your neck and head and keep yourself propped up.

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Your relaxation doesn’t have to stop there. When you finish your bath put on a warm fluffy dressing gown. This will maintain the feeling of being cozy and relaxed. Make yourself a hot drink, without caffeine in and get into bed with a good book. Avoid using your smartphone as this will stimulate your brain and you’ll lose that stress-free feeling. Get an early night. I can guarantee you’ll feel rejuvenated when you wake up in the morning.

This is a simple guide you can follow to create your own relaxing bath time.  Just choose what’s right for you and you’ll be having a fantastic soak in no time.


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