How to Have the Perfect Cozy Night In

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Being a parent tends to mean you miss out on a lot of the social events and parties, all your single friends are going to. Even if you do manage to find a babysitter, going out is never as fun as it used to be. Nowadays, staying in is the new going out. You can still be close to the children and there’s no need to panic over what you’re going to wear. It’s perfect! Here’s a guide to having the perfect, cozy night in.

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Step 1: Get in your pajamas

No cozy night in is going to be complete without you slipping into something more comfortable. Literally. Depending on who is joining you on your night in, you may want to go full-on slobby or dress it up a little. Either way, you should be wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in. No need for glitzy dresses for a night in!

Step 2: Rustle up some food

Even if you’ve already had dinner, you should at least invest in some snacks. After all, this is ‘me time’ and that means pigging out on everything the kids usually get to first. Crisps, chocolate, popcorn. The snack cupboard is yours to raid! If you’re on a health-kick then popcorn is fine (in moderation), or opt for some fruit and nuts instead.

Step 3: Pour yourself a glass

If you’ve got the evening to yourself then you may as well help yourself to a glass – or two – of wine. You can buy wine cheaper online at places such as and not feel so guilty. You don’t have to go wild on the wine, unless you really want to. And not unless you can handle your children when you’re hungover the next day.

Step 4: Pop on a movie

No more Frozen sing-a-longs in sight! It’s adult time which means you get to watch whatever movie you want. Netflix has a ton of great choices, if you don’t have cable. You could opt for a rom-com or action thriller, the movie world is your oyster. Although nothing quite beats Pretty Woman for a cozy night in.

Step 5: Pamper yourself

While watching your chosen movie, dig out some of your pampering essentials. You can make a face pack to pop on. Alternatively, pick out your favorite polish and paint your nails. Remember, this is time for you to relax and enjoy. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. If you’re with your hubby or partner then rope them in too. They secretly enjoy being pampered, despite their protests.

Step 6: Get some headspace

Try to ignore all of those niggling thoughts and doubts running through your mind this evening. You won’t be able to stop your thoughts all together, that will just give you a headache. However, let them pass by without worrying. There’s a really handy app if you’re struggling with this. So you may have to make a ton of packed lunches tomorrow. And sports day is just around the corner. But right now, this is all about you and your cozy night in.

By the time you wake up in the morning you should feel like a new woman. Refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on the world. Unless you drunk too much wine. In which case, reach for the paracetamol and a pint of water first!

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