How To Have A More Comfortable Camping Experience

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Nothing beats traveling around the country and experiencing the country in a tent. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s a lot of fun, too! But, it’s understandable why some people don’t like it. It can be hard to get away from the comforts of home, and unless you are a hardy soul, it can leave you feeling exhausted. So, when vacation planning comes around, the chances are, you’ll choose a far more luxurious option instead. There are options, however. So, if you want to add a little comfort to your next camping trip, read on.

Insect repellent

One of the major reasons why lots of people don’t like camping is because of all the bugs. And, let’s face it, even fans of this kind of vacation have to admit that they are everywhere. No matter how hard you try to seal up your tent, they will always get in – and sometimes, they will be great in number! So, always have some insect repellant on hand, and make sure you use it often. It will keep those midges, mosquitoes and flies away from your tent, and hopefully will mean fewer bites to deal with in the morning.


Lighting can be a big issue with camping although surviving in the dark is one of its benefits according to most people. But, you don’t have to go without. A fire can provide you with all the light you need outside – just make sure you have put it out before you go to bed. A torch will work well, too. And, in a bigger tent, you could go for something like a Power Sonic battery to use with a portable lamp. It’s a great idea of the weather takes a turn for the worse, and it is still too early for bed.

Dry wood

It’s always a good idea to bring dried wood and kindling with you when you go camping. You just can’t guarantee you will find any, and much of it will be too damp to use. So, chop some of your own logs, dry them out completely, and bring them with you. It will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to stomp about for hours finding dry logs and branches.

A good knife

A great knife is going to help you in so many ways when you are out camping. You can use it to cut through wood, chop up tough veggies, and, should you want to, skin an animal. Now, a normal butter knife just isn’t going to help you at all. Instead, find something more suitable for outdoor living. And, because these knives are so big and sharp, make sure you have a sheath to keep it in. Nothing’s worse than cutting yourself badly when you are miles from any emergency services.

A better camping bed

Sleeping can be a real issue for unhappy campers. They just can’t get comfortable, and the noises out in the country can be a real pain. However, you can help yourself forget about them just by bringing a better camp bed with you. You could try a US Army style bed, or look for something altogether more glamorous, such as an airbed. Make sure to pack a great camping blanket, too!

Happy camping, campers!


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