How to Get That Perfect Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Match

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Wedding Rings

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If you are looking for a wedding band to go perfectly with your engagement ring, there are a few things you should know. The first rule is that there are no rules! Of course, there are some popular choices to look at but essentially, the perfect match is the one you’re happy with. There is no right or wrong choice here, only the one you are completely satisfied with. The second rule is that “perfect” is relative only to the person making the choice. If you like what you choose, go for it by all means.

That said, even if there are no rules to creating a perfect match between the engagement ring and the wedding band, there are some guidelines to help you find the choice you’ll be happy with. Here are some of them.

Find the Right Setting

You might find a collection of piercing green emeralds shaped like your favorite animal impressive, but you have to make sure your wedding band is timeless. After all, you are going to be wearing it for the rest of your life. So instead of going for something you might find fun now, go for something you are sure to like in ten, twenty or fifty years.

If you plan on wearing these rings on the same hand, next to each other, you might want to find a setting that matches your engagement ring. A lot of women wear both rings on their left hand, while some wear the engagement ring on the right hand instead. However you plan on wearing them, make sure it reflects in your choice.

Match the Metals

Wearing two different types of metal can be a bit off, even if you choose to wear the rings on separate hands. Therefore, the general rule of the thumb is to pick matching metals for the engagement and the wedding ring. However, if your engagement ring is a mix of white and yellow gold, you have more options to choose from and great ways to make a perfect match. You can choose a similar, two-toned wedding band or one made from one of these metals to create an impressive contrast.

Coordinate the Shapes

If you are going to wear the rings on the same hand you should consider the shape of the wedding band. It has to fit nicely next to the engagement ring, but not appear conjoined either. You should have no problem matching a straight-band engagement ring to any wedding band. However, large prong rings can be a bit tricky to pair.

The shape of the stone is another factor to consider. You should try to match the shape of the gemstones in the wedding ring to the diamond or any central gemstone on your engagement ring. Therefore, pick rounded stones for a cushion or oval cut and square gems for a Princess or other square cuts.

Match the Gemstones

Matching the gemstones can also help create a perfect pairing. Pick a simple wedding band for a traditional solitaire engagement ring. But if your idea of a perfect match involves a band with gemstones, go for it by all means.

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