How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

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Instead of going out and buying a ready made engagement ring, your fiance might like to take you to design your own engagement ring. This way, you can both discuss the elements you like best, and the end product will be something totally bespoke to the both of you. This will make it all the more special! Here’s how to do it:

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Consider A Style That Will Suit You Forever

First of all, you need to have a style in mind that you think will suit you forever. As the years go on, our styles change. Don’t choose a style if you think it might just be a phase that you’re going through at the moment. If you’ve always been flamboyant, then you could get away with choosing a slightly louder engagement ring, however; if you enjoy trying out a variety of styles, then a more versatile design might be best. Go with your heart on this one, otherwise you can get bogged down with the sheer amount of choice you have.

Choose A Metal That Suits You

The majority of engagement rings are either made from gold, white gold, or platinum. The most popular choices are 18k or 14k, as they are much sturdier and thicker. They will more than likely stand the test of time over something lighter! Platinum is more expensive, but it’s high quality and worth the extra cash. You need a metal that will suit your skin tone too.

Choose From a Selection of Different Diamond Shapes

Nowadays, it isn’t a simple choice between a circle or oval diamond. You have so many choices, so you need to consider your options carefully. You have the traditional round cut diamond, the square princess, cushion, emerald, oval, and even the pear shaped diamond.

Choose Setting

Once you’ve picked your diamond, you can choose a setting for your diamond to sit in. This will affect the overall look of your ring. It’s important that you choose the right setting for the kind of diamond, so that you can properly enhance it. Here are some of the settings to choose from:

  • The channel setting – two tracks of metal that hold gemstones side by side.
  • The bezel setting – a gemstone surrounded by a thin, flat piece of metal.
  • The pave setting – a stone in the centre of a ring surrounded by more gems.
  • The prong setting – where metal claws raise a stone so it allows in the most light.

You’re sure to find a setting you love out of those! Whiteflash stock the finest engagement rings in Houston, so check those out for inspiration.

Find a Trusted Jeweler

Once you know exactly what you want your ring to look like, you need to find a trusted jeweller to make it for you. You can do this by looking at reviews online, and asking them plenty of questions once you think you’ve found the one. Don’t choose one blindly!

Now you can have an engagement ring that suits you perfectly and is totally unique to you. Have fun designing it!

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