How To Convert Your Old Garage Into A Craft Room For Your Children

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It would be awesome to have a place where our children could indulge in their favorite crafts and have their stuff permanently on hand. Let’s face it; it is a pain when we must clean up and pack their things away every day, I am sure you agree.


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You could buy a large shed for them to use, or maybe you have an old brick garage down at the bottom of the garden that is full of junk. It is an ideal solution to your problem if you have some money to spend on it.

Let’s imagine for one moment that you own such a building. Here is how to convert it into a craft room for your children.

Clear The Space

Your garage might be full of junk, and it will be home to many of our eight-legged friends. It is spiders that stop many people using these valuable buildings. The phobia is a common one, so if you suffer with it, ask a friend or relative to clean the garage for you.

New Roof?

If your garage has a corrugated roof, you need to fit a new one.  If you suspect that the material might be harmful, call some experts who have experience in removing asbestos from roofs. It is not a job you can do yourself. You must put safety first. They will cart it away in accordance with the regulations. You can then install the new roof using wooden joists. Covered them with sheet timber and roofing felt.

The Door

You must remove the old garage door and construct a new front to the garage. It is easy to do with a wooden framework covered in shiplap cladding. You must include a door and frame as you build it. Put a window in too, it will help with ventilation.

The Interior

There are several ways you can cover the internal walls and roof. Here is a couple of them.

  • Use plasterboard. Screw it to the ceiling joists and walls before covering it with finishing plaster. It is a messy job; perhaps it is a little over the top for this project.
  • Fix wall panels with nails or staples. They make the room look like it is timber clad. It comes in large sheets, so the job doesn’t take long. Light shades are best so that the room doesn’t become dark and oppressive.

Before you board the ceiling, put plenty of insulation up there so that the kids can use the room through the winter with the help of a small heater.


The new room must have electricity. There should be plenty of lights for when the kids are working, and a few sockets. You will need to boil a kettle and plug in the heater. Leave this job to the experts; it isn’t worth the risk of doing it yourself, especially where there are children. There are many safety aspects to an electrical installation.

Stop The Spiders

Spiders will find a way in if you don’t do something about it. Arm yourself with a tube of clear silicone sealer and use it to fill any gaps where they could get access. Pay close attention to the door frame and where the wall boards join, or meet the floor. Only by sealing the room tightly can you keep those monsters out.

When this project is complete, it will be one of the most useful room in your home. The little ones must tidy it up occasionally, but that is all they need to do. It doesn’t matter how much mess they make with paint either, which is a bonus.

Take a look at your old garage. Could it be put to better use?

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