How To Capture & Preserve Family Memories Forever

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Any parent will tell you that children grow up fast. Really fast! The years fly by when you’re looking after a family, and it’s hard to stop and take it all in. That’s why it’s so important to capture and preserve all the memories along the way. One day, you can look back on them, and remember all the fun you had. Best of all, you can show the children when they’re grown up, and laugh at all the memories. It’s so easy to fly past without capturing those perfect moments. So, here are a few ways you can hold onto them.

Prioritize experiences

The most important aspect is creating the memories. As a parent, you should always try to prioritize experiences rather than material possessions. The more adventures and experiences you have, the more there is to capture. Sometimes, the best way to preserve memories is in your mind. And the only way to do that is by creating memorable moments in the first place. Take holidays, go on adventures, and enjoy this wonderful time with your children. That’s something that you can never forget.

Diary and journals

With photos and videos, you can capture a moment (we’ll come to that shortly). But, it’s impossible to capture a sense of excitement or emotion. It doesn’t always capture how you feel at that moment. That’s why diaries and journals are a great way to write down your experiences as a family. How did it feel to watch them take their first steps, or say their first word? What was it like when your little one spent their first day at school? These are things that sometimes fade from memory, but you can capture that emotion with words.

Photographs and video

Photos and video are the most obvious and natural way to capture every second of your experiences. Try to take as many photos as possible throughout your family life. Even the dullest days are nice to look back on when you’re older. You could even use a professional team like Kiss Photography to capture a family portrait once a year. You can see the progression and growth year after year! Videos are also a wonderful way to capture real situations, and watch them back years later.

859431313_b5a3c42cbe_zThe world’s largest time capsule! What would you put in yours? (photo credit)

Keep a memories box

To some, it’s just a box of junk. But to you, a memories box will be your most treasured possession. Try to keep a momento of trinkets throughout your family’s journey. Everything from the children’s artwork from school to certificates. From holiday plane tickets to trophies. Each of these things will mean something to you in the future. It’s always nice to have a physical reminder of a moment in time.

Time capsule

Last of all, you can collect all sorts of memories, photos, and trinkets, and put them in a time capsule! Hide them away, and bury them in a safe place. In twenty years, you can dig them up, and reminisce about all the past memories!

Don’t let a day go by without capturing and preserving those precious memories. You’ll always regret it if you do.


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