How to Avoid a Christmas Day Dinner Disaster This Year

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With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to make sure that you are ready for the festivities. It’s time to get the tree out of the attic and start decorating in earnest. But, when it comes to entertaining on Christmas day, you need to avoid some common pitfalls. After all, a Christmas day dinner disaster is not on the menu for the main course. You need to make sure that you are putting the right plans in place so that your Christmas day goes like a dream.

Plan Your Menu

When it comes to providing lunch for everyone in the family, it can be difficult to get it right. After all, some people like their vegetables crunchy, others like the soft. Some like thick gravy; others don’t like gravy at all. Yes, it’s a minefield. But, it can be avoided. Put out an ask and see what people like. Of course, you cannot cater for everyone as this will be time-consuming and expensive. But, make sure that your guests are aware of the menu in advance and check for any allergies. That way, you can avoid the common pitfalls of Christmas dinner day not going to plan. It’s easy once you start planning.

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Order Early

No ozone wants to be told that they are having tinned hot dogs for Christmas day lunch. So, make sure that you order early. Go to the butcher and order your meat early. You can freeze a lot of goods, so make sure that you have everything in place so that you don’t have to give people fries on Christmas day. Go to a local store and get your vegetables. Make sure that they are chopped and in the freezer. Then, when it comes to Christmas day, you simply take everything out and cook as your go. Simple!

Check the Appliances in Your Home

Many people cite their biggest Christmas day disaster as the oven breaking down. Whether this is a hypothetical nightmare or a reality, a broken oven can play havoc on Christmas day. Make sure that you get your oven serviced in the onset of December. You can conduct an appliance model and parts search online. So, if the problem is easy to fix yourself, do it. After all, undercooked meat is not what the doctor ordered on Christmas day. Planning is essential when it comes to feeding the family over the festive period.

Plan Your Seating Chart

Seating charts are not just for weddings. You need to make sure that you have everything on hand so that people know where they are sitting. You need to devise a chart that caters for everyone. A separate kids table is a great way of making sure that you have all the adults together. While you can’t sort out family politics, having a chart will ensure that you don’t have to worry about not having enough seats around the table. If you don’t have enough places, at least you can make sure that you buy some in advance.

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