How Often Do You Check The Exterior Of Your Home?

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Lots of us are opting to spend money on our homes rather than move house. Sometimes all we need is a lick of paint. Often, we find things have just come to a point where a bit of work and maintenance is required to keep the house looking good. This not only makes us proud of where we live but can keep our houses at the highest end of their market value bracket.

The first thing we see as we approach the house is the exterior. Often the fascias or sidings fall foul of the weather. Sun, wind, rain, and snow all blast the outside of our houses and cause weathering marks. Sometimes some damage will be caused. To fix this may require more than a lick of paint. If you have a traditional wood siding or fascia on the exterior of your property, you may need to sand it down, treat it with weather repellant and then paint it a couple of times. This may occur up to twice a year, and repairs may require substantial sections being replaced.

You may want to think about a low maintenance alternative for your siding or fascia covering the house. Siding installation in Minneapolis by Iron River Construction and other companies can provide a range of materials that may fare better than untreated wood. These will vary in price and quality of appearance. Much of the choice will be down to your personal taste, so make sure you see several examples of each type before you commit.

Guttering is easily damaged in very bad weather. Guttering should also be cleared out at least twice a year. If you have guttering that overflows, the water may penetrate the walls of your home and cause mold and damp very quickly. Rot may soon set in, and your bill may run into hundreds. Replacing the gutters can be done quickly and cheaply and should be undertaken as soon as you notice any cracks or splits.

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Your door to your house is the one part of the exterior that is often touched by yourself and visitors to your home. If it is wooden, it is essential to keep it in tip top condition to avoid rot setting in. If the wood is penetrated by the damp, it may swell. This will cause it to stick in the door frame and will cause problems with access and security. There are wood treatments you can use, but you may enjoy sanding down the door and painting it a new color each year. Keeping it fresh this way is a lovely way to welcome people into your home.

Windows can be replaced with energy saving ones. They are often uPVC and are, therefore, very easy to maintain. They should last you twenty years and are usually double or triple glazed to keep out the cold. Some are tinted to keep out the heat in hotter climates too. Sash windows should have their mechanism checked each year for fire safety reasons. You may want to replace windows if your old ones are becoming harder to maintain.

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