Hormones in a Female Body

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Our body is very powerful, yet very sensitive system. Even the slightest changes in our molecular structure can cause us long term issues and sometimes, they can even lead to entire life of drinking medicine and visiting doctor. This is why we need to take care of our body and our vital functions. However, not everything is in our hands. Even if we seclude ourselves in a mountain village, exposed to fresh air and good, healthy food, this does not necessarily mean that we will have a healthy life. Sometimes, even the smallest chemical imbalance can lead to all sorts of problems. Today, most of the women, sooner or later, experience hormonal problems.
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Like most of the other things within our body, hormones are product of organs. In most cases, they are created by various glands. As previously mentioned, you don’t have to get sick to have problems with your hormones. Sometimes, it is enough for gland to stop producing normal amounts of hormone and you will have an issue. Luckily, most of the hormones can be replaced by different medicines which produce a chemical substitute. For example, you can always use things such as nasal spray and sublingual drops from OxytocinFactor.co to restore normal level of oxytocin in your body.

These are the most important hormones in a female body.

  • Estrogen – without a doubt, the most important female hormone. During puberty, it helps with development of sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics. Besides that, this is very important hormone for conception. Its levels are greatly increased during pregnancy and it helps the entire process of childbirth. At the same time, estrogen also increases high density cholesterol which decreases overall cholesterol in arteries. It is also important for growth and density of the bones.
  • Progesterone – it is secreted in yellow body of ovaries during ovulation. Under its influence, endometrium changes and it prepares for egg implantation. This is the most important hormone during the pregnancy and it has enormous impact on baby’s health. After the pregnancy, level of this hormone is reduced. Besides childbirth, it can also influence women’s period.
  • Oxytocin – unlike other hormones, which are mainly influencing body and physical processes, this hormone impact mental processes as well as mental well-being of a woman. This hormone is usually referred as bonding hormone and that is precisely what it does. It can impact most of our social interaction, like relationship with our spouse or group behavior, and for woman, it impact bonding with a child. In case that person lacks this hormone, it can lead to depression, anxiety and social seclusion.
  • Prolactin – as its name implies, this hormone has the role of enabling lactation in a female body. Similarly to progesterone, its level are increased during pregnancy and reduced soon afterwards. Besides the fact that it enables lactation, it can also influence female growth and various processes during period.

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Although it is very hard to diagnose hormonal problem by yourself, any issue with above mentioned functions should tell you that you need to visit the doctor and control your hormonal levels.

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