Holiday Accommodation For A Hotel Hater

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Whether you’re planning a big family vacation or heading off on your own to travel the world, we all need somewhere to rest our head at night. Hotels are seen as the most popular type of holiday accommodation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone likes them. They also tend to be quite expensive, especially if you’re staying in or around a hot tourist spot. If you’re not a fan of hotels or are simply on a budget, one of these hotel alternatives might be for you.


  1. Camping

Whether you are camping in a tent or caravaning, there are lot’s of places to stay, especially in areas with lots of countrysides. Sharing a tent or a caravan with your family not only helps to bring you closer to one another but will also save you a lot of money too. Camping is also a great option for a lowly traveler on their own, as you are close to a lot of other holiday goers, and may be able to make some friends. Campsites are very rarely fully booked, especially the smaller ones, so you may be able to just pop into reception and ask for a pitch.

  1. Home/Apartment Rentals

Websites like Airbnb are very popular nowadays, as they offer entire houses or apartments for you to stay in during your holiday, usually for much cheaper than a single hotel room. This is great if you’re traveling with family or some friends, as you’ll all be together, but will still be able to have your own space. It also means that you can save money on food, as you’ll have a kitchen to prepare your own meals, rather than having to spend out on meals at your hotel.


  1. Volunteering

If you wanted to give something back while traveling the world, then volunteering might be right up your street. Some places offer you accommodation and food for your work, whereas others will require a donation for your housing. Either way, it’s still likely that you will be paying much less than you would to stay in a hotel for the night. Just be sure that you’re volunteering because you genuinely want to help, and not because you want a cheap holiday.

  1. Hostel

We’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding hostels, but really, as long as you do your research, you can easily find somewhere clean, warm, and comfortable to stay. If you’re not too keen on sharing a room with strangers, you can often find hostels that provide you with a private room and an en-suite for much cheaper than even budget hotels. As long as you read up on a place before you turn up there, you should be completely fine.

If you’re not a fan of hotels, I hope that one of these options will suit you well on your next getaway. If none of these are for you, there are plenty of other alternatives to hotels, so do your research before settling on one place or another.

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