Helping Your Kids Cope With A Divorce

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A divorce is difficult to go through as a parent. But it’s nothing compared to the impact it can have on your children’s lives. Their life is being ripped in two pieces, and it can be hard to know how to help them cope with this drastic change in their environment. If they’re older, they will understand the possible reasons for a divorce and why it might be better for the two of you. However, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any easier for them. If your children are still young, you are going to have to explain the situation in a way they will understand. Again, this can be a difficult task. With that in mind, on this post is advice on how to guide your children through a marital breakup.

Explaining The Divorce

Truth be told, there is no guaranteed answer on how to do this. The way you approach it will be different depending on the age of the child as well as how socially aware you think they are. The key thing to remember is not to sugar coat it at this stage. They need to understand this is going to be a drastic change to their life and that it will affect them. That said, you should not share the reasons for the divorce with the children. For instance, a young child does not need to know in any terms that one of you may have had an affair. You simply need to find an explanation that is truthful while also hiding the ugly bits. Essentially, you can explain that you need to live apart but still care about each other. As your children get older, you can gradually tell them the real reason for the breakup.

Finding The Right Lawyer

Obviously, when you go through a divorce, you will each need to hire an attorney. If it is an amicable proceeding it can go quite quickly with considerable ease. But, the important thing to remember is that you pick an attorney who is sensitive to the issue. You do not want to choose family law attorneys that see your children as assets you are trying to get ownership of. You need someone who understands this is a difficult scenario and that the needs of the child must come first. They should be able to offer you honest advice on what scenario would be best for your children.

Allow Your Children To Express Their Emotion

You may be angry with your partner and believe they are the cause of the divorce. That’s acceptable, but you shouldn’t expect your children to feel the same way. Understand, they will be upset about the proceedings and need comfort. They may get angry at one or both of you, and you will have to explain to them that this is no one’s fault. They need to be convinced that this outcome will be best for everyone in the family.

Coping With An Absent Parent

Finally, you may find that there are occasions where a parent does not come through for the child after a divorce. There is no easy solution to this except to make sure you are there for them in these times of need. You should also build strong support from friends and family.

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