Help Me Pick Shoes to Wear to #BlogHer12 and Win Your Own Pair!

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I am so excited to announce that Footzy Roll Shoes is my official shoe sponsor for BlogHer12 (a blogger convention in NYC in August)! I need the help of my readers to choose which pairs of shoes from the Footzy Roll Shoes website to choose to go with each outfit.  Below are pictures of the outfits I am going to wear at BlogHer12.
What shoes from the Footzy Roll Shoes Website do you think would look the best with each outfit?
Enter the giveaway below and let me know your shoe choices for a chance to win your own pair of Footzy Roll Shoes!
You can also find Footzy Rolls on Facebook and Twitter.

Outfit #1 (Black, white, and blue)

Outfit #2 (White and shades of blue tie dye)

Outfit #3 (white and turquoise)

Outfit #4 (without sweater) (Black and white)

Outfit #4 (with sweater)

Outfit #5 (Black)

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  1. victoria says:

    OK the outfits look nice on you…here are my picks..a one show pick for all the dresses Judith In Black…but if i would pick one for each utfit…
    #1 Fresca In Blue
    #2 Bali In White
    #3 White Wedding
    #4 Sparkle Bow In Black
    #5 Fresca In Black

    have fun at your party!

  2. Amanda K says:

    1: Judith in Black
    2: White Wedding
    3: Judith in Silver
    4: Sparkle Bow In Black
    5: Fresca in Black

  3. Here’s what I suggest:

    1. Modern Mod in white and turquoise
    2. Le Sport in black and gray
    3. Wedding white
    4. Sparkle Bow in black
    5. Chic in black

  4. Patti Purelli says:

    My three choices for you are Bali in White, Sparkle Bow in Black and Fresca in Blue. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win a pair

  5. Cute shoes!

    #1) Fresca in Blue
    #2) Judith in Silver
    #3) Everyday in Silver
    #4) Boston in Black
    #5) Fresca in Black

  6. Sonia Romero-Kane says:

    Here are my picks:

    outfit #1: Sparkle Bow in Black
    outfit #2: White Wedding
    outfit #3: Judith in Silver
    outfit #4: Judith in Black
    outfit #5: Everyday in Black
    outfit #6: Fresca in Black or Modern Mod in Black and Grey

  7. Outfit #3: Judith in silver
    Outfit #4: Boston in black
    Outfit #5: Gigi in black and white

    Cute outfits and I looooove these shoes!

  8. Okay here are my choices! 🙂
    1. + 4. – Boston in Black
    2. Limited Edition in nude
    3. Fresca in blue

    5. Fresca in pink … or something with a pop of color!

  9. debbie leonard says:

    you need these 4 for the perfect match to your outfits 1. fresca in black 2. lace mod in yellow 3. judith in black 4. the bali in rivit white! love the lace mod in yellow ohohoh

  10. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Judith in Black
    I have no idea for the second outfit – maybe the Boston in White?
    Modern Mod in White & Turquoise
    Boston in Red for the last 2 outfits.

  11. Alicia Ransom says:

    #1~~Fresca in Blue
    #2~~Judith in Silver
    #3~~White Wedding
    #4~~Sparkle Bow in Black or Boston in Black
    #5~~Lace Mod in Yellow or Boston in Red

  12. Maria Oller says:

    #1 + Fresca in Blue
    #2 + The Bali in White
    #3 +Boston in White
    #4 +The Bali in Rivet White
    #4 (1) + Modern Mod in Black and Grey
    #5+ Fresca in Pink

  13. Karen Zajac says:

    1. Fresca in Black
    2. Boston in White
    3. Fresca in Blue
    4. The Bali in Rivet White (both with and without the sweater)
    5. Boston in Black

  14. Melinda Howell says:

    1. fresca in blue
    2. white wedding
    3. everyday in silver
    4.the bali in white
    5. sparkle bow in black

  15. Patricia B. says:

    #1. Fresca in Blue
    #2. Boston in White
    #3. White Wedding
    #4. The Bali in White
    #5. Lace Mod in Yellow

  16. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    1. Boston in Black
    2. Fresca in Blue
    3. Olena in Black and Turquoise

  17. 1,3,4 Fresca in black
    2-limited edition in nude3-Boston in white

  18. Heather Tarver says:

    I love all of the outfits!
    1)everyday in black
    2)white wedding
    3)modern mod in white and turquoise
    4)The bali in white
    5)the bali in rivet white
    6)lace mod in blue ( I really wanted to pick this one for at least one of the outfits!)

  19. Outfit #1 Boston in Black
    Outfit #2 White Wedding
    Outfit #3 White Wedding
    Outfit #4 Everyday in Black
    Outfit #5 Everyday in Black
    Outfit #6 Fresca in Black

  20. angie j says:

    Limited edition with pink piping, everyday in silver, the Bali in white, Judith in black, white wedding, fresca in black

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