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There are so many toys out there as any parent knows.  So it’s not often that a toy comes along that my children not only want to play with but we all love the toy’s message and purpose.  Add on that when you purchase this doll a donation is automatically made to World Vision (a charity that helps children around the world) to help children in the country that the doll represents.




I was so excited to be chosen to be a part of the Hearts For Hearts Girls campaign through Mom Select Mommy Parties.  Hearts For Hearts Girls are dolls that each represent a different country from the United States of America to Brazil, India, Mexico, and more.  Each doll is dressed in the typical clothes that a girl in that country would wear.  It comes with a little story book about the girl, her country, and what her life is like in that country.  Each one also includes a friendship bracelet for the girl.


We received 2 dolls, Zelia from Brazil and Nahji from India.  Zelia was dressed in the typical colors of Brazil and Naji was dressed in beautiful tunic from India.  She even has the traditional nose piercing and henna tattoo on her hand.  They are each 14 inches, have poseable vinyl bodies, and high-quality rooted hair.  I just love the attention to detail in these dolls’ styling.  The quality of these dolls is great and so is the price.  They retail for around $29.99 and you can purchase additional outfits for around $12.99.  

Learning about life in other countries really opened my daughters’ eyes to the world outside of our little community.  My daughters learned about protecting the Rain Forrest in Brazil and how young girls in India often get married and start families very young.  You will see from our video how these dolls have inspired my daughters to get active and involved in change in our home and community.

Close up view of face and nose piercing

Close up of henna hand tattoo
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