Handy Uses For Contact Lens Cases

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I LOVE contact lens cases.  They are so inexpensive, you can buy multiples in a package, and there are so many things you can store in them.  One of my favorite things to put into a contact lens case is homemade lip gloss or lip scrub.  I plan on writing up a post with that recipe soon so keep an eye out.
I purchased a package of contact lens cases last week to store essential oils in.  I like to mix essential oils them with a carrier oil to help make the oils last longer and massage in easier.  I didn’t want to use up a lot of each essential oil and carrier oil so I figured mixing a few drops of the essential oil with some carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.) in a contact lens case would be perfect.  It’s just the right amount for a few uses when I am using the oils.  This way I don’t have to dilute too much of the essential oil at one time.  I’ll be posting more on essential oils soon.  I swear by them!
I am going to BlogHer (a blogger convention) this week and I will be gone for 3 nights.  As I began to pack I looked over at the package of contact lens cases that I hadn’t used yet and inspiration hit me.  Instead of traveling with the bottles of each cream, lotion, primer, etc. that I use on my face, why not just put some of each facial lotion, etc. in compartment of a contact lens case?  Genius if I do say so myself!  Of course for body lotion I would need a bigger container but since I just use a little bit of my day cream, night cream, primer, and Aquaphor, this is perfect and takes up so much less space!
contact case lotionsI plan on adding more idea to this post but I wanted to get it up before BlogHer to help anyone else traveling this week.  Have an idea on something to store in a contact lens case?  Comment below!


A few notes:

  • I always wash and dry the cases before I use them.
  • I prefer the cases that have screw-on lids but this batch hubby bought.  I am putting it inside a snack size baggie just in case it leaks because of the style of cap on them but they seem pretty tight.
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