Hair Loss in Women – Know the Facts

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For many women, life is akin to a juggling act. Where they’re constantly trying to strike a balance between work, rest and play. This can be especially challenging if you also happen to be a parent. Being a parent is a huge responsibility. When we’re also trying to juggle work commitments, it’s little wonder that so many women find themselves feeling stressed out on an almost daily basis.

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The effects of stress are wide-ranging and can differ greatly from one person to the next. However, it seems that hair loss in women of all ages is becoming increasingly common. While it can’t all be attributed to stress, there can be little doubt that it plays a major role when it comes to our health and emotional wellbeing. Losing your hair can be incredibly scary for a woman, especially if it happens at a time when she’s already feeling vulnerable. So, if you’re one of the estimated eight million women that suffer from hair loss, rest assured that you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Firstly, it’s essential that you go and see your doctor. Self-diagnosis using the internet can be incredibly dangerous. You may just end up scaring yourself with misinformation, which if anything, is just likely to make matters worse. Your doctor will help you to get to the bottom of what’s causing the problem. One of the most common forms of hair loss is alopecia, which causes the hair to fall out in clumps. This is known as an autoimmune disorder, which is when the body’s immune system attacks itself. Doctors aren’t yet entirely sure what causes it to happen. However, many believe that stress is a major contributing factor.

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The natural process of aging can also cause hair to lose its lustre. Many women also find that their hair becomes thinner and more prone to breakage. If you’ve recently had a shock or gone through a traumatic experience, this can also lead to hair loss. However, it’s important to remember that symptoms are often temporary. And worrying about it is only going to make things worse. Your doctor will be able to teach you coping methods, which should make the experience far easier to deal with.

When it comes to treatment, depending on the severity of the problem your doctor may suggest corticosteroids. They’re a topical steroid treatment which you apply straight to the affected area. Ultraviolet light therapy is used in more serious cases of hair loss, where other treatments have failed. However, one of the most popular and effective treatments is to buy the best shampoo for hair loss, which would be one that contains caffeine, biotin or ketoconazole. All of these products have proven to be very effective in the fight against hair loss in women.

If you’re struggling with the emotional and physical effects of losing your hair, have the courage and go and see you doctor. By concentrating on finding a solution rather than dwelling on the problem, you’ll find it far easier to cope with the situation.

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