Giving Your Dog the Best Start: Essential Items Your Dog Needs

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Before you embark on your quest to own a puppy or dog, you need to think about the basic requirements that your pet will need. Aside from a robust training program, there are also a multitude of things that your dog will need. This is so that they are comfortable and happy in their new home. Dog accessories and equipment is a must. But, with so much choice it can be difficult to know what to buy. There is so much choice that all of it may seem essential.

Here is the lowdown on the essential items that your dog needs.

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1.    Kennel

Even if you plan on having an indoors dog, you need a kennel in your yard. This is so that they have a place to retreat during their exercise regime in the garden. For many, this seems like an unnecessary expense. But, giving your dog their space in the form of a kennel is essential for their growth and development.

2.    Dog Beds

Dog beds should be brought according to size and breed. You need to think about your dog and their size before you buy a bed. Large dog beds are essential for large breeds. It’s that simple. They need a place to sleep, so invest in a good quality bed that will aid with restorative sleep. After all, dogs need to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep too.

3.    Water and Food Storage

Separate containers for clean water and food are essential. This is so that they can have a healthy diet. Mixing dry and wet dog food is critical. But, you may want to store dry dog food in a sealed container. This is so that the food does not become outdated. Stale food lacks nutrients. Plus, your dog will not get enjoyment from their meals. Having separate food containers and storage is important for your puppy. Make sure that they have clean bowls that are accessible at all times.

4.    Leash and Collar

A leash and collar are essential. When you have a dog, you need to think about walking and instilling a routine of walks. A leash and collar will assist you with this. Ensure that you get your dog fitted for a collar, so it fits them properly. An uncomfortable collar can play havoc with their health. Leather is a popular choice because it is supple and comfortable to wear. Your dog needs to have the best start in life, so provide them with comfortable leashes and collars.

5.    Travel Accessories

Moving your dog is necessary. Whether it is to the park or to the vets, you need to have a robust hard wearing carrier. Ensure that you buy a dog crate or carrier that is suitable for their needs. Smaller, plastic containers are great for smaller breeds. But, if your dog is a large breed, a metal type cage for travelling is a must. After all, you don’t want them to chew through it. What is more, you want them to be safe when you are travelling in your vehicle.

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