Getting More Hydration Through Your Diet

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As human beings, we often forget that we’re made up of over 60 percent water. Not drinking enough water even for just one day, can lead to drastic changes in the body and mind. Being dehydration is not something that can be sensed so readily by some people. Dehydration can slowly creep up on you. First, you will begin to get dry lips, then a dry mouth, and you’ll notice that your saliva becomes thicker. By then it’s already too late, your mind will be less focussed on the tasks you’re doing, and your body has begun to overheat. This is why it’s so important to have a water-rich diet. This means eating healthy and giving yourself a green option whenever you’re sitting down for a meal. Getting into the habit of drinking more water might take time, but eating is something that we do more routinely. Thus this way is the best way to break the bad habit of not consuming enough water in the day.

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Lunchtime salad and yogurt

The most common forms of lunch are a sandwich, panini and or pasta dish. Carbohydrates are generally going to absorb a lot of water inside your body thus making you feel thirsty. However what would be a good alternative or perhaps an accompaniment to your sandwich is a salad. Make sure it’s green and leafy. Add some bell peppers which are bursting with water content, and also onions. The more translucent a vegetable or fruit is, the higher the water content. Mix in some tomatoes and oranges to give it a bit of acidic punch. A yogurt is also a good food to have with your lunch as the water content is quite high in this food type. The fruit in the yogurt is also able to add a little more water in your diet. The less fat in the yogurt the better.

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Working out

When working out, it’s best not to consume a dense grain bar of some sort. Although it may have properties of quick releasing benefits, most workout bars are made from protein or carbohydrates. This saps your water levels as these molecules expand in your stomach and take on water. Rather than an energy bar, you could drink purer water to boost your body’s functions. Look for the best water filtration pitcher which you can use to purify your water to a high degree in the comfort of your home. There are reviews which take into account features and quality control all many products which are available to you on the market. The benefit of this kind of product is that you filter away the chemicals used to clean the water, as well as any unneeded minerals such as iron.

Getting enough water in your diet is essential to living a healthy life. It’s also important if you want to function at your highest level, which is more a mental need than physical. Working long hours will become more of a drag when you’re hydrated. Water is better absorbed through food than drinking it, but the more pure the water, the better for your body.


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