Fruit2O Mommy Party Review

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Fruit2OI don’t always drink as much water as I should.  Part of the reason I don’t drink enough water is that plain water can be boring and I don’t always have time to add flavorings to my water bottles.  I invited several of my friends over to have a Fruit2O party and try some new Fruit2O flavors.  Fruit2O has zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs, and zero artificial flavors.  It is water with just enough natural fruit flavor which is important to this mommy.
P1140901I baked some fresh muffins to go with our Fruit2O tasting as we all vowed to “Dial It Back” for the night, relax, and enjoy some girls only time.   With busy lives sometimes it takes a reminder and a girls night to remember to take a breath and “Dial It Back”.P1140905My guests and I checked out the Fruit2O bottles and discussed which of the 4 flavors we thought we’d like the best.  Fruit2O comes in watermelon, grape, strawberry, and cucumber lemon.  Two of us thought we’d like the watermelon the best, one thought she would like the grape the best, and one thought she would like the strawberry the best.
P1140922 I labeled the bottom of small cups so we would know what flavor was in each cup and filled up one cup of each flavor per person.  I made sure I mixed them up so even I didn’t know which flavor was which.  P1140913We each took a sip of one cup and tried to guess which flavor it was.   After we thought we knew what flavor we were trying we would look at the bottom of the cup to see if we were correct.  Sometimes we got it right and other times we got it wrong.  I was surprised that I thought the strawberry was grape but once I tried the grape I realized how much the grape tasted like grape and how much the strawberry really didn’t taste like grape.  It’s funny how senses can fool you.  P1140916The grape, strawberry, and watermelon flavors are yummy and fruity.  I think the biggest surprise of all was that we all liked the cucumber lemon flavor the best.  Most of us weren’t so sure about that flavor before we tried it but it ended up being the most refreshing of the flavors.  It is light, crisp, and has just the right amount of flavor.   I think we will all now be drinking more water.  Make sure to check out all the Fruit2O flavors the next time you are at your local grocery store.

Disclosure- I was selected to host a Mommy Party on behalf of MomSelect.  I received the products mentioned above to host the party but received no other compensation.  The opinions are 100% my own.


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