Five Reasons Your Child May Be Struggling In School

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When our child is having difficulty at school, we immediately think about the easiest response. They need extra attention. I need to hire a tutor. But before you spend a lot of money you need to understand the answer is perhaps more simple than you would think. There are plenty of reasons why your children may not be reaching their potential.


If your child is being bullied, it will affect everything about their school life. They will be more reluctant to go to school. Their mood will be low. But perhaps most importantly during lessons their mind will be on other things. They could be being bullied during class or be worried about what will happen during lunch and break. Do not underestimate how serious the problem of bullying can be. It has ended tragically on many occasions. You need to get on top of it before it reaches serious levels. If a child is reluctant to tell their parents failing at school can be one of the signs.


Children are easily distracted. Particularly young children. There is no easy way to find out if your child is distracted in class. You have to sit down and ask them. Hopefully, their teacher will pick up on the issue but sometimes it can be missed. It can be anything from a new child in their class or getting a crush. In any case, this will not be a constant problem and will quickly fade without any interference.


This is a problem that is constantly overlooked by parents and teachers alike. Older children know when they can not see the board or are having issues reading. They understand that their vision is blurred, and this is why they can not do their work. But younger children do not always put two and two together. They have to be asked directly. If you do think, your child is having sight problems go to a company like Costco for an eye exam. The cost of Costco eye exam is affordable, and you can sometimes find deals during the school holidays.


This just shows that parents are often pessimistic. While a problem at school can mean, your child needs extra help it can also be the opposite. Your child may be bored in school because the work is not challenging enough. If a child thinks work is too easy they may not see the point in doing it at all. Test your child on harder work. If they sit down and get it done you may have found your problem.

Bad Teaching

Lastly, we think this one is a little unfair. It is not an accurate description usually, but it is what most parents will believe. A better term would be “appropriate teaching.” Children learn in different ways. Contrary to popular belief no matter how much we study we will not all excel at exams. Types of learning need to suit each child to get the best possible outcome.

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