Five Reasons Why Dogs Make The Perfect Pets

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What is it about our four legged friends that we love so much? Could it be their warm and approachable nature, their unwavering loyalty to their owners or the sense of child like fun that they bring out in us? If you’re currently thinking about getting a dog but haven’t quite made up your mind then, this helpful guide is for you.

You’ll Have A Friend For Life

Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures and often learn their behaviour directly from their owners. A good natured, kind and well behaved dog often belongs to someone who takes the time to look after their pet, training them not to bark aggressively or jump up and gives them the respect that the animal deserves. In short, if you are willing to put the effort in you will gain a friend for life with unwavering loyalty and with whom you share an innate, unbreakable bond.

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They Keep Their Owners Active

Nothing gets a dog more excited than walkies! Well, except maybe the sudden appearance of food or a tasty treat. Depending on what breed you choose it’ll need a certain amount of exercise every single day, and larger breeds often need to be walked twice a day. A dog will no doubt keep you fit, healthy and on the go thanks to early morning starts and twilight strolls as well as casual playtime.

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Dogs Are Great For House Security

We’ve all heard those funny stories about nervous mail carriers, unexpected deliveries and a barking, noisy dog. Responsible owners will have a sign on the door or gate stating ‘beware of the dog’ to make visitors aware that the house is guarded. Not every dog is cut out for security mind, many will run when the doorbell rings, but those who are do it extremely well. A large, growling animal will deter strangers from trying to gain access to your property as well as making burglars think twice.

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Pets Help To Teach Children Responsibility

It’s always lovely to see children and animals playing together as it looks peaceful, innocent and somehow just feels right. Many dogs are wonderful with families and instinctively know to be kind, gentle and patient with small children. However, it’s best to get a dog when children are young so that dog and child grow together, are used to each other and are not threatened by the sudden appearance of a new family member. Older children and teens should be able to pour out food and water for your pet, brush their fur alone and help to shop for the best dental chews for your pup which are vital for healthy canine teeth.

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They Are Amazing For Your Mental Health

Recent studies have shown that any pet massively improves the symptoms of depression and other mental health issues as well as being a great source of emotional comfort. A mature dog who has an incredible bond with its owner will often curl up next to them, lay its head in their lap or act silly to try and make them smile and what could be better than that?

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