Five Fun and Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to the Daddy-to-Be

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The moment you learn you are pregnant life instantly changes, everything that has been a priority up to that point suddenly shifts and takes on new meaning as you wrap your head around the fact you will soon have a baby to love and care for. So why not have a little fun with the moment and announce it to your significant other in an unexpected, creative, and fun way. It will help to make the moment all the more memorable.

Here are five fun and creative ways you can announce your pregnancy to the daddy-to-be and ensure that you both get to celebrate the moment.

A Care Package for Daddy

Here’s a fun idea that the website Preg Med came up with that is sure to surprise the daddy-to-be. You can put together a whole care package for daddy, topped off with a cute little letter that says something like “daddy I can’t wait to meet you”. You can include baby clothes, pacifiers, the pregnancy test, and anything else you want in the package.

Wear an Announcement T-Shirt

Why not act as the announcement yourself by getting a customized t-shirt made. The t-shirt can read something such as “baby on board”, “preggers”, “bun in the oven” or anything else that strikes you as cute. You can then surprise the daddy-to-be by wearing the shirt.

Say It with Food

Food is another wonderful way to convey a fun message, and again is something totally unexpected. You could choose handcrafted chocolates, cookies, a cake, or any other type of item that reads a message. It could read something such as “congrats daddy-to-be”, “you are going to be a daddy” etc. Keep in mind this one takes a bit of planning, so you’ll have to sit tight on your news for at least a few days.

Customized Coffee Cup

If you and your partner start off the morning with a big cup of hot coffee, then this can be your perfect opportunity to make the announcement. You can have a customized cup made with a message at the bottom. As he enjoys his coffee and gets closer to the bottom, he’ll start to see the makings of letters. From there it’s only a matter of time before the full message can be read.

Child Sized Fan Gear

This idea is perfect for those dads to be that are into sports. You can pick up a few baby sized clothing items with your significant other’s favorite team on, and present him with a gift package. Include a note that lets him know he’s about to be the dad of a new baby super fan.

Making a Special Moment Even More Memorable

Announcing your pregnancy is a special moment all its own, but adding your own unique and creative twist on how you make that announcement to the baby dad to be can help take it over the edge and make it even more incredible.

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