Fine Dining, Inspiring Desserts, And Healthy Recipes – What is FUN Food?

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Have you ever heard of cibophobia? It is the fear of food, and while it’s often associated with a mental disorder, it can also develop as a result of a weight loss journey. Indeed, it’s likely that if you are trying to lose weight – or if you have lost considerable weight – you will be paying close attention to food labels and body image. Food has become a nutrient for your body instead of pleasure. Therefore it is essential to avoid any food that could be fatty, calorie-rich, or prevent unnecessary risks. The main problem when you are on a diet is that you might be afraid that enjoying food could lead you to the heavy side of the scale again.  

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Is It Safe To Eat Out?

Going to a restaurant when you are on a diet can turn into a real nightmare, especially if you feel guilty about eating out. In reality, you need to keep an open mind and look out for the safest options in the menu. You’ll be surprised what is considered safe. As a rule of a thumb, fish and grilled poultry are high in protein and low in fat. Additionally, you can also find plenty of vegetarian options that are low in fat too. In other words, you can safely look for yummy restaurant deals online: Eating out does not mean eating badly. The important here is to pick carb-friendly options so that you can enjoy your evening without feeling guilty about your choice.

Should You Skip Dessert?

Dessert or no dessert that is the question, as Hamlet would say if he were on a diet. Here’s a clue for you: Dessert is not a bad thing per se. Too much of it and too often can ruin your waistline. But you can enjoy a cupcake once in a while, especially if it’s a special occasion, such as a birthday or a garden party. The problem with sugary desserts is that they are addictive. However, if you choose to limit yourself to only one slice or one biscuit, you can still enjoy the party like everybody else. After all, it’s no fun to skip dessert when everyone is having a cupcake.

Does Healthy Means Tasty Too?

Going on a diet means that you need to change your eating habits. That means less sugar, less fat and less processed food. But that doesn’t mean less taste. You can find plenty of healthy recipes that are simply delicious. However, if you’ve been addicted to junk food in the past, you need to educate your taste buds to new foods, such as more vegetables and nuts. Don’t give up if you find healthy food dull at first. Your taste buds will need a few weeks to clear up the layers left by additives and high sugar.

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Have Fun With Your Food

There’s no reason to fear comfort food if you know how to manage it. Food is never the enemy. It’s the way you think about it that can create weight gain patterns. You should allow yourself a treat once in a while especially if you want to avoid desperate craving moments when you feel like eating everything in the house. The 80/20 rule is a good basis to keep in mind. If you eat healthy food 80% of the time, you can lighten up your rules over the weekend, for example.

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