Financial Considerations to Make Before Getting a Dog

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Almost everybody would love a dog, but not everybody considers what it’s going to cost them. Don’t be mistaken by thinking that all you have to pay for is the initial cost of the dog and his food. You’ll need to be prepared to pay for much more than that. Having a dog is very rewarding, but it’s your responsibility to take care of them to the best of your ability; sometimes this means spending money that you haven’t got. Here are the financial considerations you’ll need to make before getting a dog:

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Vaccines and Injections

Once you’ve bought your new dog and got him home with you, you’ll need to take him for his first set of vaccines and injections. This will vary depending on the practice you take your dog to, but you’ll need to take them a couple of times in the first year, after which they’ll need to go once per year until they reach a certain age. This will also vary from dog to dog.

Regular Checkups

Once you’ve got your dog all healthy and vaccinated, it isn’t the end of the vet visits. Let’s say your dog is well behaved and doesn’t eat anything it shouldn’t; you’ll still need to take it to have a checkup at least once per year. Then, even if there’s nothing wrong with your dog, you’ll need to fork out the cash for the appointment. A regular checkup shouldn’t be neglected as any problems can be found early on and treated much easier than if they are left to worsen.

Vet Bills

Now, let’s pretend that there is something wrong with your dog. Perhaps he’s eaten something inedible, or just got a regular bout of fleas. You’ll need to pay for treatment, and this will obviously vary depending on the seriousness of the case. In some cases, you’ll just need something similar to the products sold on, but in others your dog may need an operation or surgery. Anything can happen when you have a dog; they’re a bit like us humans! Be prepared to have money ready to keep them in good health.


Food is always going to be an ongoing cost for your beloved pooch. Don’t try to save by buying them the cheapest food you can find though; some dogs won’t eat it, and can actually tell the difference between high and low quality food. My dog has a sensitive stomach, so his food costs 4 times what normal dog food costs or he can’t keep anything down.

Bedding, Treats, and Toys

A comfortable place to sleep and things to play with are important for any dog. You’ll probably have to stock up on treats and toys every few months as dogs get through them quickly.

Dog Grooming

All dogs need grooming, but the amount they need depends on their breed. In some cases you can do this yourself, but in others you’ll need a professional dog groomer to come and do it for you.

The Cost of Repairs

All dogs go through a phase of chewing things and peeing on rugs. Be prepared to fork out for new tables, shoes, rugs, and other things when you first get your dog.

Getting a dog shouldn’t be taken lightly, so make sure you have a big enough cash cushion to support your new pal!

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